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Dichen Lachman Is Exotic Beauty In The Dollhouse

While the Fox show The Dollhouse created by famed Buffy director Josh Whedon hangs in the balance, some of the cast members are joining star Eliza Dushku in promoting the show.

One cast member who is lesser well known than Eliza but definitely an intriquing member of the crew is Australian actress Dichen Lachman.

(Image of Dichen Lachman - Paley Television Festival Presents 'Dollhouse' - 04-15-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Dichen has a very exotic, striking look.  She plays Sierra, one of the dolls in The Dollhouse, and is actually quite stunning when dolled up, no pun intended.

Who is Dichen Lachman?  She was born February 22, 1982 in Kathmandu living in Nepal until she was seven years old.  At that point her family moved to Adelaide, Australia.  Her origins are Tibetan and Australian.

She established her career as Katya Kinski in the Australian soap opera Neighbours.  Before that point she filmed an ad for Wanadoo telecommunications which was filmed in Austraila and aired in the United Kingdom.

Although she auditioned for a different part, she was not considered the right person.  However, a special part was created just for her.  Eventually she had a small role in the movie Aquamarine.  She also played the role of Aaren in the film Bled and filmed Aztec Tex with director Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Although the actress is living in Los Angeles to further her acting career, she has told the media she would prefer to work in Australia and the UK.

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