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Leisel Jones Chooses Beauty School Over World Championships

It has been reported from Australia that famous swimmer Leisel Jones has turned down her chance to swim in this year's world championships in order to complete a beauty school course she is currently enrolled in.

It seems Leisel has only been doing her swimming training part time while also attending beauty school.  WOW.  How did she do that?  As one who has been there and done that, going to beauty school is difficult and physically taxing.  Of course I didn't go to Beauty School in Australia but here in the US it can be very time consuming.

The wannabe beauty expert qualified to be on the Australian swim team when she won the 100 meters breastroke final in one minute and 06.10 seconds (as reported by Reuters) at the Opympic pool in Sydney.

The 23 year old who is now the reigining world and Olympic champion as well as the world record holder for the event told the media she was going to skip the upcoming world swimming championships in Rome to finish her Beauty school training and get her diploma.  "I am really committed to beauty school and I do really want to finish it," she told reporters.  "I really want to have that diploma when I finish and I do not want to be left with nothing when I finish just for the sake of doing this team."

She did say she defnitely wants to compete at next year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and possibly the 2012 London Olympics.

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