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Kate Winslet Golden Globes Winning Hair

Kate Winslet Golden Globes Winning Hair

Kate Winslet attended the 2009 Golden Globes Award with award winning hair.  She arrived at the award ceremony with her long time leading man - Leo DiCaprio.  As Kate and Leo arrived together on the Red Carpet the beautiful actress was interviewed live by E's Ryan Seacrest.

Kate's husband and director Sam Mendes was at the Golden Globes ceremony sitting with her and Leo at their table, but was not interviewed at the arrivals.

Image of Kate Winslet - Winner Best Actress for a Motion Picture Drama for "Revolutionary Road" on stage during the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2009 - NBC Photo:  Paul Drinkwater)

Kate was wearing a gorgeous strapless black gown and had side swept bangs with a carefully finished sleek twisted bun.  Her winning hairstyle worked in perfect harmony with her gown.

Ryan asked Kate and Leo how it was to work together again in reference to the fact that had worked together on Titanic so many years before and had recently finished Revolutionary Road, which was one of Kate's two Golden Globe nominations.  Kate was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and for Best Actress.

Dysfunctional Couple In 1950s

Revolutionary Road which co-stars Kate and Leo is an exploration of suburban dystopia.  The Titantic duo play the role of a couple living in Connecticut in the 1950s, grappling with their hopes for and disillusionment with their daily lives.

In response to Ryan's question - how was it to work together again - the bubbly Kate and suave Leo replied "we actually hate each other".  The proceeded to tease each other about how much they hated worked together again.

Leo told Ryan "actually, we've been great friends" for many years.  Leo said Kate, "she's my homey".  Of course another homey of Kate's is her husband Sam who directed both of the in Revolutionary Road.

Kate & Leo Searched For A Film To Do Together

Kate and Leo told Ryan "they were actively looking for something (a film) to do together for a long time.  When asked about her husband Kate said "Sam loved that we could play our characters" and so "he (just) let us go".  Kate said we were "constantly in a corner running lines and figuring things out."

Ryan asked if the role was tougher for Leo because he wasn't married like Kate was. Did that make it more difficult for Leo to take on the role of a married man?  Kate said "Leo is a brilliant actor" and he "knows about relationships".  Kate continued by saying that Leo has given "the best performance he has ever given in his life"

Kate said that her husband "liked the fact that her relationship with Leo predated her relationship with him and he would stay in his director's chair where he did his thing" while Kate and Leo "worked together".  The star duo agreed "they have great chemistry together".  Throughout the entire Red Carpet interview Kate was extremely complimentary of Leo.

While Kate had a blockbuster Golden Globes evening, winning two major acting awards as best supporting actress for her portrayal of a Nazi death camp prison card reader in The Reader and best actress for her role in Revolutionary Road, Leo lost his bid for best actor to Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler.

Kate's Acceptance Speech

In her acceptance speech for best actress in Revolutionary Road the speechless Kate who was shocked and overwhelmed for her win gave a very special nod to Leonardo for his costarring work with her in the film.  She told the Leo in front of the audience "I have loved you with all my heart".  She also apologized to the other nominees in the category including Meryl Streep and thanked her husband Sam for directing the film.  She told her husband "thank you killing us every single day.  I loved every second of working with you."

Obviously it was a winning combination since the film has won rave reviews and won Kate her first Golden Globe after years of never winning any awards.

Besides her two Golden Globes Kate won rave reviews from all the fashionistas rating the hair and gowns on the Red Carpet.  Kate's hair was a perfect complement to her sleek black gown which was simple but elegant and presented Kate as a true movie star with grace and beauty.

"This is absolutely extraordinary. I have had an amazing couple of years." She gave a special acknowledgment to Leonardo DiCaprio, he costar in Revolutionary Road, and also the multi-Oscar winning Titanic. "I have loved you with all my heart," Winslet said, before thanking her husband for directing the film - "Thank you for killing us every single day. I loved every second of working with you."

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