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As a consumer hair expert I am often asked questions about the importance of hair with regard to attracting attention from potential love interests.   Women generally ask if there is a hair length, color or style that is most successful in winning new partners while men may be concerned about thinning hair or worry about being bald.

Hair extensions, wigs and toupees are also a topic I am repeatedly queried about since some people worry about the long term repercussions of maintaining a romantic relationship if they start the connection with add-on hair.  Does it make a difference and could it mean they would risk a budding romance if they revealed their hair pieces?

Whenever I am in doubt about anything related to hair, I always turn to the very best expert I can locate.  As a result of these types of hair and relationship questions I sought out April Braswell, the love coach.

Since 2002 April has been sought after, by men and women, for her sage advise about dating, relationships, romantic sex and love.  After walking alongside her late husband through his battle with cancer she received her calling to help others learn to foster and encourage great romantic sexual relationships and marriages.

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April is widely respected for her long time expertise as a dating and relationship expert.   She has helped many people find the love and relationships they craved as a result of her dedicated coaching.

Working with matters of the human heart requires special compassion and April successfully combines warmth and caring with humor and joy.  April believes there is someone for each of us and as a dating coach helps clients to double and increase their dating and move to a satisfying, fulfilling, and committed life partner relationship expressed in marriage.

Men feel her understanding and appreciation of them as men.  Women feel she is like a close girl friend, caring about them, building up their self-esteem and helping them to attract and create the wonderful romantic relationship they crave.

April generously agreed to spend time chatting with me on the phone regarding how hair impacts love, dating and long term relationships.  I asked her how important hair was with regard to attracting a potential love mate.  Was there a specific color, length, style or texture that was most important?  Was lack of hair an obstacle?  Should men worry if they were losing their hair or going bald?

Although April patiently covered each point with me, all of her answers point back to the key concept of self confidence and being able to feel good in your own skin.

April told me men are attracted to women who feel great about themselves and their hair, regardless of length, color and texture.  Although people may initially be attracted by a particular hair color, length, texture or style, ultimately they are attracted to the person underneath the hair and that person's energy, personality and self-esteem.

April noted a person who oozes self-confidence, self-love and self-comfort will be extremely attractive to others, regardless whether they have hair or not.

A good case in point?  The world's hairiest man (according to Guiness Book of Records) is not deterred by his own unique hair situation.  He uses humor and online dating to search for his own soul mate.

Yu Zhenhuan has atavism which means 96% of his body is covered with hair.  However, he told the media he is "realistic about his physical appearance" and "doesn't believe it should be a barrier to finding a soulmate".  He told website Zhejiang Online "I feel like King Kong".  He said "hideous, but with a soft and tender heart."

Mr. Yu signed up for an online dating service after ending a three year relationship with a previous girlfriend.  This man is not worried about his hair and instead is embracing his soft and tender heart as a means to find the love of his dreams.

Of course on the flip side, if a person is extremely worried about their hair feeling it's a problem it can then impact their overall self esteem which effects their attractiveness to others.

Bottom line?  Wear your hair the way you love it best and the color that makes you feel most confident and attractive.  When you are feeling good about how you look, regardless of your hair color, length, texture and style, you will attract others.

If you feel sexier and more self assured wearing hair extensions, wigs or toupees, by all means, wear them.  Self confidence is the key.

For more information visit April's website which is chock full of love and dating information. If you are looking for that special relationship you can hire April to coach you on your journey.

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