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Robert Pattinson Twilight

Ellen DeGeneres recently had Twilight's Robert Pattinson as a guest on her popular TV talk show. Before he became a huge hit on Twilight as Edward, Robert played Cedric Diggery in the "Harry Potter" movies.

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When she introduced Robert to her audience she mentioned that he had recently been named one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive and his new movie, Twilight, was one of the most anticipated films of the years.

Ellen then played a clip from the Twilight movie in the woods with Robert and Bella where Bella acknowledges that Robert she is not afraid.

After the clip was over Ellen said "please welcome the quite handsome Robert Pattinson".

Robert sauntered onto the stage wearing brown trousers a casual brown jacket and a pink shirt opened up at the collar. His hair was extremely tousled with loose and sexy waves hanging off the side of his face. Robert looked amazingly handsome and quite relaxed, not nervous at all. He was quite funny and laughed a lot.

Robert gave Ellen a kiss on the check and a hug and laughed when he sat down. Then he brushed his light brown hair off his face and took a drink out of his coffee cup. Ellen said "Hi Robert". Robert said "hey".

The crowd of mostly women were screaming, howling and applauding, Ellen howled with the audience a few times. Robert said in his British accent "is that the sign for the cougars?"

Ellen said she heard Robert "was watching everyone dance before the show started and that he saw his parents dancing in the audience". Robert agreed saying "yeah where are they?" and he laughed as Ellen showed a clip of his mom and dad dancing with the rest of the show's audience.

Robert was delighted by the clip of his dancing parents. He said "they are really getting into it".

Robert's mom and dad were sitting in the audience and the cameras flasted to them. He said "I don't think I've ever seen my dad dance before". He repeated the phrase "they're getting really into it."

Ellen congratulated Robert on the great success of Twiligh and said "did you have any idea - you knew the Twilight books were like a huge huge success". Did you "think the movie would be? Were you nervous? Did you know what was going to happen?"

Robert replied "not at all, I mean I didn't even know they (the Twilight books) were a huge success to be honest. When I went into. I was living in England. And so they weren't very big".

He said "and I came, I went to America, it was just the normal script, I liked the people involved with it and it just suddenly became exponentially bigger every single day - so".

Ellen said "so this is kinda relatively new for you. Or did you have this kind of reaction from women before in London?" Women in the audeince screamed and he said "was that my mom?" And he laughed. Ellen said "no, no, that's lots and lots of girls".

"Because that's what happened sort of at the premiere right?" Ellen asked "how many people showed up at the premiere of Twilight?"

Robert explained "I think there must easily have been two and a half thousand or something. I mean I had done a week of this promotional tour where it was in malls around America." Ellen said "and everywhere you go there are just hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people".

Robert said "there was supposed to be 200 or so people turning up (at the premieres) and literally every single time people camped out for days before and it was just completely nuts".

Ellen asked "what do you do when people are screaming at you?"

Robert replied "I don't know. It's weird. You're not there. You're just, you leave your brain at the door. You're just like a little puppet. I'm just sort of content to be grabbed, I don't even feel anything".

Ellen said really? "that's good to know you can just grab him". The live audience screamed. Robert laughed with the blonde talk show hostess. She took her audience, "he's giving you permission to grab him". Ellen told Robert "you're going to be sorry about that". He laughed.

Ellen pointed out that now the big obsession is Robert's hair and that everyone loves it. Robert said "I know, I really don't understand that (the interest in his hair) at all" Not "at all".

Ellen asked if people had responded to his hair before? The young actor said "never" and could not understand "why everyone is going on about my hair". He reported his friends from London were here (in LA) the other day and were asking him "why is everyone going on about your hair? It's completely insane."

Robert said "I mean, I don't know. I can't see any difference between me and, well the majority of the people in the audience are women, so yeah, but I can't see any difference". Ellen told him that everyone loves his hair and Robert said "that's good".

Ellen asked Robert "are you single?" He answered "uh yeah, yeah". Ellen said "do you want to remain single? Are you a relationship type guy?"

Robert said "I am but no on else seems to want to get in a relationship with me. It's really strange". Ellen said "I think you're wrong"

Robert said "people like screaming at me. Actually they like screaming at me in relationships as well". Laughing the Twilight star said "but uh, yeah, no one wants to commit".

Ellen said "I think someone will commit. Don't you worry about that. I think you have lots of choices".

She asked "are you living in LA now? "Because it will be easier for all the women who will be waiting for you outside. Because you're from London. Right?"

Robert said "I've kinda been living here for about five months on and off. But everything I have is just rented. I mean I kinda have rented furniture. The furniture still has the kind of plastic sheeting on it and everything. I have a pay as you go firm".

Ellen teased him and said "it sounds like you're the one who can't make a commitment. It's not the women, it's you not committing."

Ellen asked Robert if he had a car and whether he was driving here?

Robert answered "I do have a car".

As far as his driving in LA Robert replied "Well,theoretically. Technically I'm driving but I don't actually know how to drive". Ellen said "well then don't drive". She also said "we're driving on a different side of the road here as well. So, you know".

Robert laughed and said "yeah, I figured that out after a few weeks". He answered Ellen's question about how it must be scary to not know how to drive and still drive in LA by agreeing "it's absolutely terrifying. Plus I don''t know how to use the little wipe-y thing on the windscreen so I can't see out of the windscreen."

Ellen was amazed and said "you don't know how to use the wipey thing?. You just hit a button".

Apparently this is not the case for Robert who explained he has "a ridiculous exploding joke car, it's like a clown car. And nothing works on it". He explained "I use a scaper and it never seems to work".

Ellen was amazed and said "who is taking care of you man? The studio should have a nice car for you and inside you hit a button and it scrapes it for you".

Robert replied "I like it, I like being one of the people". Ellen said "we're one of the people and we have buttons".

Ellen then told Robert she had a special guest for him and presented him with her famous Ellen underwear but with a special phrase added. The Ellen underwear said "Bite Me" on them in honor of the fact that Robert is a vampire.

The interview was over way too soon but Robert Pattinson is handsome, charming and has a great sense of humor. No wonder so many fans adore him.

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