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Automatic Tweets Gone Beserk?

I am the first to admit to being technologically challenged even though I have managed to have a long and successful career in the software and telecommunications industry. My work in the software field doesn't explain my natural klutziness when it comes to working with some new technologies, or my ongoing struggles programming my Tivo.

Recently I started to Twitter for, along with other HB Team Members. I asked the HB web team to automate the tweets, as they are known, for instant and easy transmittal. It seemed like a perfect plan, at least at the time.

Next thing I knew, random tweets were blasting out without me intentionally triggering them. Even worse, a series of tweets went out today tied to one of my HB blogs that I had started, but famously not finished.

The possibility of random tweets spewing out into the blososphere as the result of me potentially doing something to cause it, has made me a little crazy. Or maybe I should say crazier than normal.

At any rate, I have sent out a Twitter SOS to the HB Web gods and hopefully they will soon save me from firing off more random Tweets into an unsuspecting Twitter Universe.

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