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iQ Derma Clear Remedy Acne System

Clear Remedy Acne System - Clinically Proven & Preferred by Users!

At last, an acne treatment system that is tough on acne and gentle on skin.  iQ Derma, the leader in innovative skincare technology, introduces the Clear Remedy Acne System, a clinically proven acne-fighting solution with multi-patented ingredients to heal acne quickly, safely and effectively.

iQ Derma is taking a revolutionary approach to meeting the needs of  their customers by developing new technologies.

Clinically proven more effective than Proactive, iQ Derma Clear Remedy offers unique products to combat acne without over-drying.

These products include: Acne Treatment Lotion, Hydrating Lotion, Purifying Cleanser, Spot Treatment Lotion and Nutritional Supplements


76 men and women between the ages of 15 and 55 took part in the study. The Results?  Acne Reduction

100% saw a reduction in breakouts

100% reported a reduction in blackheads & pimples

91% reported clear skin with no active acne

87% saw clearer skin in just 3 days - and 100% saw results within a week

Overall Appearance of Skin

100% saw an improvement in skin clarity

100% felt their skin appeared less oily & less shiny

96% noticed a reduction in pore size

96% felt Clear Remedy helped reduce the appearance of dryness

Skin Comfort

100% felt Clear Remedy soothed and moisturized their skin

100% reported reduction in skin discomfort

96% rated the system "excellent" and would recommend it to a friend!

In addition, Clear Remedy conducted a nationwide survey and found:**

75% of users said Clear Remedy got rid of redness and inflammation faster than Proactiv®

74% preferred Clear Remedy over Clean & Clear®

71% preferred Clear Remedy over Murad®

**Results based on nationwide survey of Clear Remedy users who have previously used competitive brands.

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