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Hairstyling Tips: Prevent Fine Hair From Tangling

Although it might seem the least likely texture to tangle, fine hair definitely has tangling challenges. Especially when fine hair is damaged or allowed to be blown about in the wind.

Fine hair that is long is also more prone to tangling and some will find that the tangles form tiny little knots at the nape of the neck if the tangles are not dealt with immediately.

Most hair experts will tell you to deal with tangles effectively with either rinse-out conditioners (right after you shampoo), leave-in conditioners (after you towel blot) or deep conditioners.

While that advice MAY work for some people with fine strands, for the most part it does not work. Why? Because fine hair tends to flatten easily and while rinse out, leave-in or deep conditioners might help initially with removing tangles, the likely result is flat hair. Or even worse....the beginning of oil slicks from too much conditioner.

If you read the advice to use conditioners for thin or fine hair, throw it away.

Instead, try the following options:

1. Use shampoo products designed to add volume and movement to fine or thin strands. IF you have a serious tangling problem and wish to try conditioners, use only a very small amount and only on the section of hair that tangles most. This means you may want to layer your shampoo using a volumizing product at the roots and along the top of your crown and a more moisturizing shampoo just at the ends or sections that tangle.

2. Always finish shampoo process with cool/cold water rinse. This helps close the cuticle, add shine and ultimately help prevent some forms of tangles.

3. Never rub hair with a towel. Yes, it feels good but it adds to tangling. Blot, blot and blot some more.

4. If you wish to use a leave-in conditioner, opt for either a detangling conditioning spray which will be less concentrated or use only a very tiny amount of leave-in conditioning cream at the site of the most tangles. This is where you might wish to use a little leave-in conditioner at the nape of the neck if it tends to tangle the most.

5. Make your own de-tangling conditioning product to help control tangles but not rob you of that volume you always seek.

- Mix one part leave-in conditioner (try got2b Hottie Deep Rescue Conditioner which works great but is very affordable) with 3 parts distilled water in a clean plastic spray bottle

- Spritz lightly over towel blotted hair avoiding root areas to avoid oiliness from forming

- Use your fingers to "finger pick" out tangles or use a wide tooth comb

- Always work from the bottom of the hair up towards the roots

Other tips:

A. Never use a brush on fine hair that is wet or already tangled. Use your fingers to gently pull out tangles OR a wide tooth comb.

B. Always comb from the bottom of your hair upwards.

C. Never let your hair fly free in the wind. This is a guarantee tangler for fine strands.

D. If hair is already tangled do NOT wet it. This will make tangles worse. Try spritzing a shine serum spray into the palms of your hands and massaging into the knotted area. This will help to loosen the tangles. Use the tail of a rattail comb to gently remove tight tangles. E. Never go long periods without detangling. Ideally you should detangle every day.

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