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Products For Hair Highlighted At 24th Alternative Hair Show

Products For Hair Highlighted At 24th Alternative Hair Show

Every year an Alternative Hair Show is held in Europe to raise money for Leukemia Research.  The money collected goes into a special fund focused on continuing research into the disease and to support the Living with Leukemia website.

The fund also provides necessary support in the form of literature for those suffering from the disease along with their families as well as nurses and other medical professionals working in the community.  It also supports taking children suffering from Leukemia on the annual Alternative Hair Children's Party at Euro Disney.

(Image from Ales International "Regalia Diffusion" - 2006 Alternative Hair Show - All Rights Reserved)

The 24th Alternative Hair Show was held on Sunday 15th October 2006 at the Grand Temple, Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, Central London.

Freemason’s Hall is a fascinating and beautiful location, adding an element of splendor and mystery to the evening. For the first time the show was in a catwalk format, giving the audience a close-up view of the hair, makeup and clothes, adding a very contemporary edge to the event, even though it was in such an historic venue.

Anthony Mascolo, President of Alternative Hair and Honorary President, Joshua Galvin, both of whom had accompanied the families to Euro Disney in September 2006, passionately launched this year’s appeal at the beginning of the show, before the poignant video of the children’s weekend was shown.

(Image from Mahogany “Atmos-spheric” Collection - All Rights Reserved)

The founder of the Alternative Hair Show is Tony Rizzo who was inspired to create the show and dedicate it to Leukemia due to his own personal loss of both a son and a nephew to the horrendous disease.

Rizzo welcomed the audience and thanked the media sponsors from the International press as well as charity sponsors.  For 2006 the sponsers were Schwarkopf, Davines, Ales International and Vision TV and show sponsor TIGI Bed Head.

Products For Hair Highlighted At 24th Alternative Hair Show

Of course since hair products are the moneymakers for the professional hair companies which participate and support the show, they are highlighted as part of the hairdressing teams and professional companies.

18 hairdressing teams (10 from Britain) all appeared at their own cost and time which is standard procedure.  Rizzo noted that the effort and enthusiasm that all these people give to the show and the cause is not only incredible, but also very humbling and very precious to all involved with Leukemia Research. Their help is very much appreciated.

Vidal Sassoon, one of hairdressing's greatest icons, agreed to become a Patron of the Charity and an energetic supporter of Alternative Hair.  Sassoon said “I became involved with this extraordinary organization with enormous pride and curiosity. …What energy curiosity creates! I can think of no Alternative.”

The Alternative Hair Show 2006 has raised in excess of £162,000. Each of the 18 teams appearing at the 2006 Alternative Hair Show were invited to give a short synopsis of their shows and explain their ‘take’ on the 2006 theme: REGALIA.

Because the goal of the popular show is to be more intimate, three individual shows were held at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm.  The crowd was as enthusiastic as the professional performers.  Ballet dancers from the English National Ballet were present to add a touch of elegance and glamour to the evening's events.  Stunning hair designs were showcased courtesy of the various teams.

The show also featured professional dancers, models, singers, actors and performers tho helped the show hit a new high.   All participating teams donate their time and skills and work closely with teams of choreographers, make-up artists and stylists to create a memorable evening.

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