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Transforming Hair Care Forever

Transforming Hair Care Forever

Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy with Natural Ion Complex™

Bio Ionic has created the world’s first Micro Hydration Therapy ™ system for the hair. This breakthrough patent pending formula is infused with Natural Ion Complex™ to micronize water molecule clusters for inter-cellular penetration of essential proteins, beneficial minerals, targeted amino acids and hydrating botanicals deep into the cortex.

Bio Ionic pH balanced products restore moisture and elasticity to create silky, shiny, healthy hair.

Seventy percent of women feel their hair is dry or damaged, especially those that have had their hair straightened or chemically processed. Now, Bio Ionic takes hair care for consumers and salon professionals to a never before attainable level with its Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™.

Now, the power and beauty of IonTransformation™ can be experienced with Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™ daily, at home, at the gym, at the spa or in the salon.

Bio Ionic has formulated every hair therapy product with their patent pending Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™ technology and its Natural Ion Complex™ for the ultimate in hair conditioning and hydration. With this Ionic Technology, the natural strengthening proteins, hydrating amino acids and their unique Green Tea nourishing botanical blend are absorbed into needy hair leaving it super healthy, shiny and full of life. Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™ is beyond hair care…all the way to real therapy.

Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™

It is the final answer for dry, damaged, needy, and chemically processed hair. It is also the ultimate solution for shiny, hydrated, strong and beautiful hair. For those who need to control the frizzies, the fly-aways and smooth their hair, these formulas provide the ultimate answer.

Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™ products include:

To Purify

o IonClenz – Hydrating Shampoo

This shampoo cleanses gently as it restores and revitalizes the hair. It leaves the hair smoother and glossier.

Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™

o IonClarify – Clarifying Shampoo

Got product build-up? IonClarify gets rid of it, as well as mineral build-up, chlorine and environmental residue.

To Heal

o IonCondition – Hydrating Conditioner

This product replenishes lost moisture, conditions and detangles without weighing the hair down.

o IonTherapy - Smoothing Treatment

The concentrated formula contains essential proteins and nutrients to help repair structural and physical damage to the hair shaft.

To Protect

o IonFixx – Hydrating Strengthener

Powerful ion energy infuses essential strengthening proteins and moisturizing nutrients to reconstruct and repair dry and damaged hair.

Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy™

o IonPutty – Control & Smooth

Eliminates frizz and flyaway hair as it seals, smoothes and controls.

o IonGelwax – Texturize & Define

It’s the best of both worlds! It controls like a wax but with the flexibility of a gel. Use it to texturize, define and shape.

About Bio Ionic:

Bio Ionic Hair Care System was developed by Beverly Hills, CA—based Fernando Romero, a world-renowned hair artist, educator, trend-maker and stylist. With more than 35 years of experience in the hair care industry, Romero’s quest for natural solutions to perfect hair led him to Japan to discover Natural Ion Therapy.

Through Bio Ionic’s Natural Ion Complex (NIC™) each product provides the powerful healing properties of natural negative ions. With extensive education and customer support, Bio Ionic shares the benefits of this breakthrough technology to its hair care community.

Available in fine salons nationwide or call: (888) 755-6834 or visit

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