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Klorane Papyrus Milk Anti-Frizz Range

Klorane All Rights Reserved

The women of Ancient Egypt used crushed roots of Cyperus esculentus L., more commonly known as Papyrus to care for their mythically beautiful hair.

Now, Klorane offers an innovative and original approach using this historical ingredient. With its NEW range of papyrus milk hair care it offers an anti-frizz solution with the triple objective to nourish, smooth and protect hair.

Klorane's papyrus is grown and harvested in Spain according to the unique concept of Phytofiliére, a process of exceptional quality standards.

Nourishing to restore the damaged intercellular structure and thereby boost hydration and enhance hair’s suppleness. Smoothing by coating and tightening the hair scales creating smoother hair shafts.

Protecting the hair shafts against thermal aggressions (straightening irons and treatments, hair dryers and heated brushes) and humidity.

Rich in essential fatty acids and phospholipids, papyrus milk has remarkable nourishing and coating properties: by restructuring the hair shaft, it restores strength and suppleness in hair and works to facilitate smoothing.

Its luxurious creamy textures, watery green color and subtle fragrance blend of green and fresh cut-grass notes, are ideal for unruly, often dry, weakened and difficult to style hair.

Papyrus milk ingredients:

Klorane Papyrus Milk Anti-Frizz Range

Klorane All Rights Reserved

10% of phospholipids: restore the CMC 90% of essential fatty acids (triglycerides and glycerides): coat the hair shaft and neutralize surface charges.

Klorane shampoo with papyrus milk

This very gentle shampoo with papyrus milk nourishes, relaxes and smoothes hair fiber. It provides suppleness and shine in hair and prepares it for anti-frizz action. Hair is light and shiny, easily and rapidly styled. Hypoallergenic formula* Directions for use: Apply to damp hair, leave on to take effect for 1 to 2 minutes in order to promote penetration of active ingredients. Rinse thoroughly. Klorane shampoo with papyrus milk SRP: $18.00 / 13.4 oz. SRP: $13.00 / 6.7 oz.

Klorane mask with papyrus milk

Delicately scented, with a rich and delectable texture, mask with Papyrus milk penetrates to the very core of hair to nourish, coat and relax hair fiber. Intensely nourished, smoothed and under control, hair is fluid and shiny. Hair volume is under control, styling easier and hair style hold optimal. Hypoallergenic formula*

Directions for use: Apply generously to rinsed, damp hair after shampooing with papyrus milk. Leave on for 5 minutes. Comb and rinse hair thoroughly with water. Use once a week as a deep-down care or more frequently for frizzy hair. For deep conditioning, leave on for 20 minutes under a warm towel before rinsing.

Klorane Papyrus Milk Anti-Frizz Range

Klorane All Rights Reserved

Klorane mask with papyrus milk SRP: $24.00 / 5.1 oz.

About Klorane

In France, Klorane ( has been the leading premium hair care brand for more than 40 years. Exclusive to pharmacies, para-pharmacies and select department stores, it is preferred by those who care about the health and beauty of their hair. Klorane is owned by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the largest privately held pharmaceutical company in France.

By controlling their own plant cultures, Klorane ensure a continuous supply of botanicals with the highest and most constant quality. These natural resources are unique to Klorane, and extend from southwestern France to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

A passion for plants

Klorane's philosophy is based on a passion for plants and nature. The Phytofilière®, the only chain of plant expertise of its kind in the world, was born of this philosophy and guarantees high levels of quality, efficacy and safety. As explorers of the plant kingdom we continually study all plant species in order to discover their potential benefits. Through our products, Klorane conveys a number of values: authenticity, simplicity and safety.

Respecting the environment and giving back to the community

The plant kingdom comes under threat every day. Respect for plant heritage is of fundamental importance for Klorane, where we actively work to protect nature by virtue of our Corporate Foundation. The Klorane Institute strives to make young people more aware about botany through educational initiatives, offers its support to all those sharing its vocation (thesis awards, research grants, etc.), works in close collaboration with dispensing pharmacists (information posters and brochures), creates botanical sites, and organizes botany days and visits to gardens throughout France. Klorane has organized a program to plant trees in certain communities.

Scientific expertise

Raising cosmetics to the status of pharmaceutical products, Pierre Fabre Laboratories volunteers its scientific expertise to answer a wide variety of different needs. This has resulted in the establishment of numerous partnerships with public research bodies, and in particular with the CNRS, Universities, and INSERM. T

he Group owns a number of research sites, such as the Toulouse Institute for Sciences and Technologies in Medicine (ISTMT) targeting natural substances, and Saint-Julien-en-Genevois for immunology.


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