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December 13, 2001
National Enquirer, Magazine
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The National Enquirer included in the December 13th issue.

November 15, 2001
101 Celebrity HairStyles, Magazine
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Hair Doctor
Editor(s): Alicia
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

Karen Shelton was featured as the guest Hair Doctor for the November 2001 issue.

November 13, 2001
Red Herring, Magazine
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Telecom Corridor

Congratulations to our founder Karen Shelton who is quoted in the November 13th issue of Red Herring magazine in a special business article about the Telecom Corridor in Dallas, Texas.

November 3, 2001
Nationwide News Pty Limited, Internet Blog/Article
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Top 10 Beauty Sites - On The Internet was listed by Nationwide News Pty Limited as one of the "Top 10 Beauty Sites" on the web according to Included in the Top 10 besides was Nutrimetics, Avon, Nuskin, Bonnebell, Vogue, Niveaformen, The Body Shop, Clinique and Shiseido.

November 1, 2001
American Salon, Magazine
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Operation Instructions - How To Run A Profitable Business

Both and our sister company, T&S Software, were featured in the November Issue.

September 1, 2001
Today's Dallas Woman, Magazine
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Autumn Is In The Hair
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

Check out Karen Shelton's Fall Hair predictions in Autumn Is In The Hair in the September issue of Today's Dallas Woman currently available on newsstands.

September 1, 2001
101 Celebrity HairStyles, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Hue-O-Scopes was mentioned in the September issue.

September 1, 2001
Today's Dallas Woman, Magazine
Look for it: p62, Full
Autumn is in the Hair
Author(s): Karen M. Shelton

Click to download media kit file icon Today's Dallas Woman 9-2001 cover p 62

August 30, 2001
Dallas Morning News, Newspaper
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Richardson Business - TechTITANS Awards
Author(s): Sudeep Reddy

The Technology Business Council has handed out its first set of techTITANS awards.

For companies with more than 100 employees, the winners were:

*Ericsson Inc., Corporate Community Leadership Award
*ChipData Inc., Corporate Innovation Award
*Chorum Technologies Inc.'s chief executive Scott Grout, Corporate CEO Award

Among emerging companies or those with less than 100 employees the winners were:

*Landec Computer Corp., Emerging Company Community Leadership Award
*Teleportec Inc., Emerging Company Innovation Award
*T&S Software's chief executive Karen Shelton, Emerging Company CEO Award
*Metro-Optix, Horizon Award
*Jay Largent, human resources manager at Fujitsu, the Community Hero Award

August 26, 2001
DFW Tech Biz, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
2001 Tech Titans Award

Congratulations to our charismatic co-founder, Karen Shelton, for receiving the prestigious 2001 Tech Titans Award as CEO of an Emerging Corporation.

August 15, 2001
Pregnancy, Magazine
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Hair Care During Pregnancy
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

August 2, 2001
101 Celebrity HairStyles, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Hair Master Bob Steele
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

July 10, 2001
HAIR!S How, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

We are honored to announce our new co-operative publishing relationship with the largest and hottest hair magazine in Russia, Hair!s How.'s Spring 2001 photo shoot will appear in a future issue along with hair & beauty articles written by founder Karen Shelton.

July 1, 2001
101 Celebrity HairStyles, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown,
Editor(s): Alicia Marie s

May 15, 2001
WebBound, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown,
Top 10,000 Women's Websites was featured in the Top 10,000 Women's Websites in WebBound Magazine.

May 7, 2001
The Ottowa Citizen, Newspaper
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Home improvement: Aylmer entrepreneur sells men's essentials online
Author(s): Suzy Royle

James Whittall's friends thought he was crazy when he said he wanted to sell men's cosmetics on the Internet. But since launching last October, Whittall has found a niche market with an "exceptionally loyal" client base.

Grooming products for men

Online base for Aylmer entrepreneur James Whittall. Site gives him the opportunity to expound on his "great loves"--writing, business, politics, and satire.

A targeted approach to facial care that combines "some of the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies with an incredible tone enhancing and concealing system that supports a healthy masculine look.

This site contains advice on choosing hair-care products for men. There's information on hair loss treatments for men and essentials on how to maximize a man's hair growth. Featured products include Nioxin, a hair-growth product and American Crew, a range of hair styling products for men.

A series of articles on hairstyle information for guys, including the latest hairstyle trends.

April 19, 2001
Nationwide News Pty Limited, Internet Blog/Article
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Answers To Curly Questions


Gone are the days of taking magazines to the hairdresser now you can find your new 'do online.

Online salon

Ever wondered what your face would look like peeping out from under Jennifer Aniston's luscious locks? One click of the mouse will make it happen on the site that allows you to "pick up" your favourite star's hair and transplant it on to your head.

About Hair Boutique

Features a helpline where hairdressers Karen and Spencer promise to solve your woes.

April 16, 2001
DFW Tech Biz, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Corporate Profiles

Karen Shelton, and our sister company, T&S Software, were featured as the company of the week in this issue.

April 3, 2001
Colorado Springs Gazette, Newspaper
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Hair Defense Systems
Author(s): Linda DuVal

Thank you to Linda DuVal for including in her article. If you live in high altitudes, or if your hair is ever exposed to the elements, you will want to check out Linda's fabulous article on proper hair protection and care.

April 3, 2001
HairBoutique News, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Editor(s): Karen M Shelton

We welcome's newest Marketplace Affiliate - World of Hair. Stop by and visit this great site.

April 3, 2001
Dallas Business Journal, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Bodacious Bennies
Author(s): Stephanie Patrick

April 2, 2001
Working Woman, Magazine
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Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards for 2001

Congratulations to our own Karen Shelton for being 1 of 8 national winners. Karen won as "Best Employer" in the LA ceremonies for her innovative employment practices for T&S Software &

April 2, 2001
The Ottowa Citizen, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Give Me A Site With Hair was featured in this article about noteworthy Internet Hair Sites.

April 1, 2001
Inside Collin County Business, Magazine
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T&S Software founder wins Employer Award

RICHARDSON - Karen Shelton, CEO and founder of T&S Software, was honored recently at the Working Woman's Entrpreneurial Excellence Awards for her excellence as an employer.

T&S, a provider of intelligent voice products, offers perks for its employees such as haircuts, massages and regular company lunches. The company has retained all employees since it was established in 1995.

Shelton is a finalist in the national Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards to be announced at Santa Monica, CA on April 2.

"Our employees are T&S Software's most important asset," Shelton said. "I believe in pampering them because their satisfaction is reflected in our company's performance. Happy people are productive and deliver better quality products and services to customers."

Shelton is also the founder and CEO of The T&S website is

March 19, 2001
DFW Tech Biz, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Author(s): Pavan Lall founder Karen Shelton was featured in an article in this issue.

March 16, 2001
Dallas Morning News, Newspaper
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An issue of accomplishment - Working Woman magazine honors local entrepreneur
Author(s): A. Lee Graham

Cynthia Driskill has a simple management philosophy in running her software company, CDG & Associates.

"I've always wanted to make my employees proud of their company and too happy to leave," Ms. Driskill said.

That's turned into an award-winning attitude. Working Woman magazine has named Ms. Driskill as a regional winner in its third annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards.

Ms. Driskill, whose company is moving its offices from Addison to Carrollton in May, is one of two area bosses to be recognized by the magazine. Carrollton resident Karen Shelton - whose firm, T&S Software Associates Inc., is based in Richardson - also is a regional winner. Both women will be featured in the magazine's May issue.

Ms. Driskill is being honored because she has kept more than 90 percent of her employees and clients, said Erika Rasmusson, associate editor for the New York-based magazine.

CDG & Associates' retention rate is "30 percent higher than industry norms," Ms. Rasmusson said. "To have both employees and clients be that loyal definitely stood out."

Ms. Driskill said her success is because simple hard work.

"You work your hardest, never expecting anything like this to happen," she said. "Then it does, and you feel great. But work goes on."

Ms. Driskill founded the company in 1987, starting with only four employees. There are now about 100 people on the payroll.

CDG & Associates, which helps clients integrate software products and computer systems, reported almost $21 million in revenues in 2000, up from $18.4 million the year before.

Every employee owns a piece of the company. "When you see financial results on the balance sheets, that just makes you work that much harder," said Charles Martin, who supervises consultants at different client locations.

"Cynthia's very gifted at empowering and encouraging anyone who's in her presence," he added. "She's found that people are more productive when you work on their strengths rather than focusing on something that's a weakness."

Mr. Martin, who's been at CDG since 1989, said the company is generous with its perks.

"We have a meditation room where you can relax, and juice and fruit is always provided," he said. "It's a work atmosphere conducive to productivity and a positive attitude."

Ms. Driskill said employee morale is important because her company competes against national firms such as Accenture and Ernst & Young. "All you can do is deliver your best," she said.

A San Francisco-based client appreciates Ms. Driskill's efforts.

"I think where Cynthia and her organization stands out is in integrity," said Tony Morgado, human resources manager with the law firm Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP. "Her organization takes ownership of a project as if it's theirs. They see through every project to the end."

Mr. Morgado hired CDG to work with his previous employer about 10 years ago. When he moved to Brobeck, Phleger, he hired the company again to keep its human resources software free from defects.

"We now have data that's extremely reliable," Mr. Morgado said. "I don't think that would be the case if we hired another company that just came in, did a quick fix and left."

March 12, 2001
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Newspaper
Look for it: pe-Living, Full
No New Shakespeare, but lots of new 'dos
Author(s): Jeffry Scott

The site:

The lowdown:
Get tips for living and grooming, rolled into one at the Hair-O-Scope.

We recommend:
-- The Quick Poll. It asks hair-related questions ("How old were you when you spotted your first gray/silver hair?"), and articles connect the condition of being to process of coiffing ("Is your hair dryer depressing you?")

-- The Interactive Style Selector is disappointing for men (few suggestions) but it's packed with inspired and inspiring coifs for women.

March 9, 2001
The Edmonton Sun, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
In Search Of Theme Ideas For Prom Planners
Author(s): Mary Pat Hyland was mentioned in the recent article.

March 8, 2001
Dallas Morning News, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Women's love for job rubbing off on employees in growing company: Magazine honors local entrepreneurs for providing unusual workplace perks
Author(s): A. Lee Graham

When stress strikes at T&S Software Associates Inc., the employees know what to do - retreat to the back room and surrender to the hands of a masseuse.

As a result, not a single employee has quit the 6-year-old Richardson firm.

"I feel like my employees need to be pampered to do the best job they can, so I provide them a masseuse," said chief executive Karen Shelton, whose hands-on approach to stress relief has not gone unnoticed.

Working Woman magazine recently named Ms. Shelton one of three winners for the Dallas region in its annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards. The others are Cynthia Driskill, president and chief executive of the Carrollton software firm CDG & Associates, and Ana Maria Lecea, president of Professional Performance Development Group Inc. in San Antonio.

The magazine will select a national winner next month from among the three Texas women and winners in five other regions. All the finalists will be recognized in the May issue of Working Woman, and the winner will be the subject of a feature article.

"Karen Shelton especially impressed us," said Erika Rasmusson, associate editor for the New York-based magazine. "The perks she offers, and the fact that her company's had zero attrition, really speaks well of her."

Ms. Shelton doesn't like to take credit for the success of T&S Software, which now has 25 employees and reported $2 million in revenue last year, up from $380,000 in 1999.

"We just keep growing, and all the credit's to my employees," Ms. Shelton said. "My office is my real home, and my businesses are my kids, so I care for them like they're family."

Tony Sirchio, a T&S sales consultant, said Ms. Shelton inspires the staff.

"Karen's really dynamic and hands-on. She fosters a real mentoring atmosphere," he said. "There are no games here. She really respects you and understands if you have problems."

But she's no softy when it comes to business, said Ram Menghani, assistant general manager at NEC America Inc. in Irving, a T&S customer since 1999.

"Karen is extremely aggressive and exceeds deadlines constantly," Mr. Menghani said. On one occasion, he said, Ms. Shelton's team delivered a product to NEC in six weeks even though they had a three-month deadline.

Ms. Shelton said it was really a labor of love.

"When I was growing up, I'd work at grocery stores. That was work," she said. "This doesn't feel like work because I enjoy it so much."

Ms. Shelton founded T&S after her former employer, IEX Corp. in Richardson, was acquired by Tekelec. She funded the start-up by selling her IEX stock.

"I didn't use any venture capital at all," Ms. Shelton said.

The company's initials stand for Telephony & Speech, the firm's original name. It was shortened at the suggestion of an image consultant.

"Some people just couldn't understand telephony," Ms. Shelton said. "They said it like tele-phony. It just confused too many people."

So she tinkered with the name and also changed the company's thrust from consulting to product development. "Consulting's really a feast-or-famine industry, and we felt we could develop a great product. So we did," she said.

The company's flagship product, the Zeus IP Media Server, providers telephone and Internet service providers with services such as call screening, wake-up and appointment reminder services as well as voice, fax and e-messaging.

But what impressed Working Woman's editors were the perks she offers employees - a relaxed dress code, free lunches and visits from a masseuse and hair stylist.

Ms. Shelton describes them as "minor" concessions to company productivity. But Ms. Rasmusson said, "I don't think we've ever seen an employer bring in a hair stylist to cut the employees' hair."

That tradition started by accident.

"I was too busy one day to keep my hair appointment, so I asked her [the hair stylist] to come here," Ms. Shelton said.

Employees remarked on the unexpected visit, and their boss offered to provide them all haircuts. "Since then, we order pizza or Chinese and have made it a tradition," Ms. Shelton said.

Haircut days allow employees to focus on work without worrying about rushing to the barber during the lunch hour, employees say. "It's a big time-saver," Mr. Sirchio said. "It's just one thing that we'd have to take care of."

The masseuse shows up every Tuesday and sets up in the back room. "It's amazing how that renews the energy - for us all," Ms. Shelton said.

Ms. Shelton said she needs all the energy she can get. She says she sleeps erratically, taking naps between 7 and 9 p.m. and 3 and 5 a.m. and working the rest of the time.

Mr. Menghani of NEC said he laughs when he sees an e-mail that has come in during the middle of the night. "Yeah, I always know it's Karen when the message reads 2 a.m. or something," he said.

But Ms. Shelton said she hopes her employees don't follow her example. "I work up to 20 hours a day, but I insist that my employees not work more than 40 or 45 hours a week." she said. "They need to be happy and rested."

But not too rested.

Each day, Ms. Shelton retrieves gourmet coffee and home-baked cookies for her staff. "They need the energy - just not when they're sleeping."

March 8, 2001
Dallas Morning News, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Destinations: Give Me A Site With Hair
Author(s): Tim Wyatt

In his review of online hair sites Tim Wyatt had this to say about

The style gallery here offered links to more than a dozen stylists' galleries and their specialties, including ultra long hair, men's cuts and celebrity styles. It is one of the few sites that actually delivers children's styles, although the cuts were exclusively for girls. The interactive style selector lets viewers get a little more picky about what they're looking for and, unlike other similar tools, seemed to always bring back something to view regardless of how silly or specific our request was. Just one question: Is it just us or should everyone be alarmed when a model puts a floppy hat on her new hairdo?

March 6, 2001
Universitas, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Author(s): Kay Barnes

Thanks to Kay Barnes for coming to Dallas, TX and spending time with for her article about Karen Shelton in this month's issue.

March 1, 2001
Oxygen, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Author(s): Claude Kaplan

The thanks Ms. Claude Kaplan at Oxygen Network for her recent work with and our teen advisers, Ryan and Eric for the Oxygen Network.

March 1, 2001
Intelligent Beautician, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown,

Thanks to India's Intelligent Beautician Magazine for their article about

February 15, 2001
HairBoutique News, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Editor(s): Karen M Shelton is pleased to announce that through a brand new partnership with our friends at you can now buy the cool NaturallyCurly caps in our Marketplace.

February 10, 2001
Women's Enterprise, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
Creativity and Competition In Technology Careers
Author(s): Missy Crump

A profile of Karen Shelton was included in the article. In the profile Shelton listed her three favorite web sites as, RedHerring & Fast Company.

Shelton was quoted in the article as saying: "I live, breathe and sleep business. I have since I was a kid."

That definitely describes the Karen we all know and love at :-)

February 9, 2001
Business Wire, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown, Full Founder Wins Regional Entrepreneurial Excellence Award

February 9, 2001, Friday, WORKING WOMAN Awards Local Women Business Owners in Texas Region With Third Annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards; Regional Winners Could Go National, DALLAS, Feb. 9, 2001.

Article mentions Karen M. Shelton, CEO of and T&S Software as one of the regional winners.

February 5, 2001
Teen, Magazine
Look for it: pBrowser,
5 Minute Updos featured & 5 Minute Updos on their prom site.

January 8, 2001
The Akron Beacon Journal, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full
HairBoutique Nets Thousands Of Visitors Daily Even If Its A Bad Hair Day, Folks Enjoy Combing Through The Site

January 5, 2001
TMC, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Editor's Choice Award

Congratulations to our sister company - T&S Software for winning the impressive Editor's Choice Award for their Zeus Media Server product.

January 5, 2001
Contra Costa Times, Newspaper
Look for it: p Unknown, Full Grows Into Top Site - The Internet Site Has Become One Of The Most Popular Hair Destinations

January 4, 2001
Pregnancy, Magazine
Look for it: p61-63, Full
Styles For New Moms
Author(s): Karen M Shelton

January 3, 2001, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Today's News

January 2, 2001
Springfield Technical Community College, Internet Blog/Article
Look for it: Browser
Cosmetology On The Web is listed under 'Hair Supplies & Styles Category'. The review states:

Includes lots of links to other sites. Lots of information on this site. Includes discussion lists.

January 1, 2001
HomeHealth & Beauty, Magazine
Look for it: p Unknown,

HomeHealth & Beauty reports that - The Web's premier hair care site. This site has a lively hair discussion board, a gallery of beautiful women demonstrating various hair styles, hair care tips & articles, up to date news on hair care and hair styles, an online bookstore and book reviews and a weekly Q&A column "Ask Karen".

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