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December 28, 1999
CNN, Internet Blog/Article
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Mullet Hairstyles

The article on The Mullet Hairstyle Hot For Men in 1999? was lined in the front page cover story on Mullet Hairstyles.

December 28, 1999
Gojasper Belgium, Internet Blog/Article
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Best of The Web

Hair Boutique was selected as "Best in Hair" under "Best of the Web" by Gojasper Belgium.

December 8, 1999
Star Tribune, Newspaper
Silver Chic
Author(s): Kim Palmer

Gray hair isn't just for grannies anymore. As baby boomers redefine aging, many are choosing not to cover up with dye but to wear their changing tresses as a style statement.

A fun site called the Hair Boutique covers everything about hair, from sassy reviews of celeb hairdos to info about hair ornaments. Of special interest is a review of "The Silver/Gray Beauty Book" by Tony Ray and Angela Hynes, which focuses on celebrating gray or silver hair. Unfortunately it's out of print, but the site links to's search for hard-to-find books.

November 15, 1999
Queen Latifah Fantasy Hair Show, Video
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Fantasy Hair Show

The Hair Boutique was honored to assist the producers of the new Queen Latifah show with their research on the Fantasy Hair Show. The Hair Boutique received a honorable mention from the producers of Queen Latifah.

October 15, 1999
Weight Watchers, Magazine
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Hairs To You

You won't have any more bad hair days after visiting the Hair Boutique, which offers daily hair tips (use a clean toothbrush to tease your hair to achieve maximum volume) and an exhaustive set of links. The site also contains product reviews of the most popular salon-type shampoos and conditioners. At their forum, readers share information on hair topics such as coloring woes and split ends.

September 15, 1999
Movieline, Magazine
CYBERLINE - Web Site Of The Month - Tressed Out
Author(s): Robert D DeSalvo

The Hair Boutique staff is proud to announce that JerkyFlea has received Movieline Magazine's nod for Cyberline Web Site Of The Month for September for his Celebrity Hair Spray column.

Congratulations to JerkyFlea and thanks to Movieline Magazine with special thanks to Robert D. DeSalvo for so eloquently reviewing our Flea.

For the final word on the dos and don'ts of star dos, visit JerkyFlea's Celebrity Hair Spray on the Web.

Things get pretty hairy at JerkyFlea's Celebrity Hair Spray and we should all be grateful for that. With the majority of the Hollywood style watchers fussing over meaningful matters like who's wearing what designer to which awards ceremony, it's comforting to know that someone is finally getting to the root of the matter.

Let's face it: no fashion designer, no matter how esteemed or gifted, can make the follicly challenged look presentable. Wear the wrong hairstyle on your head and no matter what else you have on you'll be the butt of tabloid jokes for years to come.

How, exactly, does the online hair authority known to Web surfers only as "JerkyFlea" illuminate the dilemmas of celebrity hair for our benefit? Well, with a thoroughness that bespeaks sound judgment if not sound mind, this self-appointed tress expert chronicles the evolving locks of our favorite celebrity women.

On his Web page he provides detailed, month-by-month updates on such riveting slo-mo events as Liv Tyler's "Hair-Growth Phenomenon", in which the growing out stages of her Cookie's Fortune pixie cut are documented. In addition to his biting observations on flair less hair (like why square-faced Salma Hayek should avoid having a chin-length bob, and what possessed Rebecca Gayheart to chop her hair off), Flea has a knack for digging up interesting - nay frightening - old photos for his "Mystery Celebrity" contest, which encourages readers to identify a celeb form a long-forgotten photo that shows them looking drastically different (Courteney Cox with a perm; Alyssa Milano with a peroxide-blonde crew cut).

Essential reading for followers of Hollywood style are Flea's feature profiles on such purveyors of radical hair alteration as Demi Moore, who, you'll recall, had finally grown out her early 90's pixie cut when she decided to have her head shaved on camera for G.I. Jane (Flea recounts director Ridley Scott's heroic efforts to capture this historical moment from every conceivable angle.)

So who, exactly is the anonymous hair-obsessed JerkyFlea? "J.F. writes his celebrity hair columns as part if his sideline passion for celebrity watching," says Karen Shelton, Web master of the Hair Boutique, the relatively sober hair-news site that hosts Flea's column. "He lives on the East Coast and is actually in the same business that I am, computer software."

Shelton claims that JerkyFlea's fascination with all things hair-related began in his college days when he used to trim his girlfriend's do (he did such a good job they're now married).

In the late 90's, he began regularly posting his celebrity hair critiques on various hair message boards on the Web, which led to his own Web page and column dedicated, as he puts it, to "giving you a firm, yet manageable, hold on celebrity hair news".

Reaction to Flea's ongoing coverage of Hollywood hair trails and tribulations has been so positive (the site averages 1,600,000 hits a month) that Shelton is planning to expand JerkyFlea's contributions.

An upcoming article on celebrity-wedding hairstyles is only the beginning. We're just glad to hear that his hair-raising antics will continue for some time to come.

July 15, 1999
Salon Today, Magazine
Next Step - You've Got Mail
Author(s): Stacy P. Soble

For a good catalog of professional messageboard sites, log into the site at:

Webmaster Karen Shelton has created a comprehensive, descriptive listing of sites with topics as borad as the BeautyBuzz messageboard, where any beauty question goes, to more specific sites such as Lipstick. If you can think of a beauty-related topic, chances are Shelton's linked into it.

May 17, 1999
AXIP, Internet Blog/Article
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Xena News

Mention of HairBoutique's column by JerkyFlea regarding Rene's latest haircut.

February 1, 1999 Newsletter, Internet Blog/Article
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A Website Better Than Salonweb?

If you have not seen The Hair Boutique ( you are missing out. Karen Shelton the owner has done an exhausting job to provide top-of-the-line information about hair. Salonweb and The Hair Boutique are in no way affiliated. Over the years hair sites come and go. I look at new ones everyday. Most offer "fluff".

The Hair Boutique offers an endless supply of unbiased information about hair (unsurpassed information.) Ms. Shelton would never tell you but she is one of the highest ranked hair sites on the internet (we'll tell you instead :) ).

Check it'll see why! Having said this...don't forget to bookmark salonweb :) We try to offer the best...even if it is not salonweb. Hair Boutique...Karen...job well done! You offer a fantastic hair site. See

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