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Beautiful, Healthy Hair Starts with Healthy Food! Long Lush Shiny Hair - Healthy Hair Starts With Healthy Food

How many times have I talked about the importance of good nutrition to develop, grow and maintain healthy tresses?

I say it so often I probably mumble about it in my sleep along with other random hair tips. It’s really true though. Healthy hair starts with healthy food.

My father was born in the United States shortly after his parents came to this country from Ireland. Although they were born and raised in historic Abbeyfeale in Ireland, they decided to start their lives together across the pond in the US.

As a result of his Irish roots my dad – Michael Joseph O’Connor was a big meat and potatoes man. Which is exactly how he raised his own Irish Catholic family.

Growing up, my siblings and I were fed corn beef and cabbage (especially on St. Paddy’s Day) with a bit more focus on the corn beef.  We also had lots of red meat and all types of potatoes with just about everything.

My dad was the product of his food choices. Unfortunately, he met his earthly demise from heart issues in his sixties.

My mother grew up on a large farm in Northeastern Missouri. The farm was full of plump little chickens, corn fed pigs and cattle.

She lived a few years longer than dad, but died of a massive stroke in her early seventies. Both the diseases which killed my parents were related to clogged arteries, often the result of a meat rich diets.

Struggling With Eating Habits – Healthy Hair Starts With Healthy Food

I try to eat better than my parents and usually I do a pretty good job. Even though both of my parents smoked for years and I experienced secondhand smoke, I only smoked my freshman year in college before permanently quitting.

I take lots of vitamins (HairTopia) nutrients and herbs. I also avoid eating red meat as much as possible.

Over the years I dabbled with being a vegetarian, which was hard for me and have gone on fasts (both healthy and unhealthy) until my hair started to fall out. Ultimately the effect of losing my hair due to fasting put the kobash on extreme detoxing.

At the current time I try to eat sensibly on a daily basis with Starbucks and cupcakes being my only unhealthy food temptations. I know caffeine and sugar are not healthy ingredients for healthy hair and do my best to minimize or completely avoid those ingredients.

Going Vegan – Healthy Hair Starts With Healthy Food

A few years ago I started incorporating vegan foods into my goals to eat healthier.

The more I researched a vegan diet, the more delighted I was by the combinations of vegan foods that I could actually eat and enjoy.

There are actually lots of great vegan recipes which have all sorts of ingredients which are excellent for growing healthy hair and beautiful skin.

Finding great recipes support my belief that healthy hair starts with healthy food.

Vegan Recipes With Ingredients That Are Good For You

I don’t feel guilty about eating recipes, even when they’re sinful, because I know they are good for my body and  my hair. It’s pretty cool to find healthy recipes and tips that a finicky eater like me can embrace.

Summary – Healthy Hair Starts With Healthy Food

Good nutrition is the basis for developing, growing and maintaining healthy tresses. It’s really true healthy hair starts with healthy food.

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