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Best Straightening Irons for Men! HaiClassicConvertibleFlatIronCeramicFar-InfraredHeat

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One of the most common questions I receive from male visitors to is what is the best straightening irons for guys.

The answer? The best straightening irons for guys are basically the best irons for women as well. When it comes to straightening irons, all irons are created for use by males and females.

Historically the very best straightening irons for men and women usually include a range of options from the top manufacturers which generally include Chi, Hai, ghd, T3, FHI and Solano on the high dollar end and Conair, Remington and BaByliss on the lower priced end.

Note:  The iron shown to the side is the Hai Classic Flat Iron Ceramic with a suggested retail of $130.00 but available on for approximately $52.00

The top names in irons are known for quality and a long list of great features. Unfortunately some of the top irons also carry a hefty price tag. Less pricey options are usually available from Conair, Remington and Babyliss.

Do guys need to obtain irons offered by the top manufacturers with the biggest price tags?  The answer is no.

In many cases the best straightening irons for guys don’t need to have all the bells and whistles, 5 star ratings and sticker shock.

Best Place To Obtain Best Straightening Irons For Guys

You can often find a great iron which will work for your unique hair straightening needs at a great price.

Chi Flat Ceramic IronNote:  Pictured to the side is the Chi 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron which is a great iron when it can be purchased at a good price. Although this Chi often retails as high as $190.00, it can often be found on Amazon for as low as $53.85.

Although many online retailers like Sephora and Folica sell a wide range of straightening irons, the best selection and prices are often found on Why pay more for an iron if you don’t have to? Especially if your hair ironing needs are straight forward.

Reasons For Huge Iron Price Differences

Both Sephora and Folica have many irons of high quality, but their prices are also very high compared to

Why the wide difference in pricing of hot irons from $15 to $500+? Ultimately the higher priced irons have spent lots of money on marketing, branding, packaging and paid advertising.

ghd Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler – Best Straightening Irons For Guys ghd 1 inch flat iron

Pictured to the side is the ghd Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler. It’s a fabulous iron for men and women of all hair types, textures and lengths.

With any ghd you get a high quality iron, but the price tag always reflects the quality along with the fact ghd puts a lot of money into marketing, branding, packaging and utilizing paid advertising.

The ghd Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler tends to be pricey at a suggested retail of $229, even on where it can usually be had for $129.00. It just may be too much iron for a guy with short hair or someone who irons only a few times a month. Before deciding what is the best straightening irons to consider selecting, answer the questions below.

The BaByliss Pro $36.99 on Amazon (suggested retail of $89.99) may offer very similar results with a much lower price tag. This iron receives great reviews and is sleek and easy to glide right down to the roots.

Questions To Consider When Selecting Best Straightening Irons For Guys

The key to finding the best straightening irons for guys is to consider the following hair straightening questions:

1.  How long is your hair? Do you wear it super short, medium or longer in length?

2.  What are your straightening iron goals for your hair? Do you want to get hair bone straight or go with a soft loose style? Do you prefer to straighten it enough to add a range of spikes?

3.  Is your natural hair texture naturally straight, wavy, or curly?

4.  Do you want to be able to get the iron down to the very roots or glide the iron over the ends and middle of the hair only?

5.  Will you be doing wet to dry ironing? If so,  be sure to opt for a wet to dry iron to make sure you achieve desired results.

6.  Is potential hair damage a concern? If so, be sure to buy an iron with a temperature control.

7.  Has your hair been chemically processed with bleach, hair color, highlights, relaxers or similar?

8.  How much time are you willing to spend on straightening your hair when you style it?

Straightening Iron Features & Options – Best Straightening Irons For Guys

There are literally thousands of straightening irons available on the marketplace in every conceivable price range from $15 up to more than $500.

Straightening irons offer a dizzying array of features and options ranging from professional versus consumer tools to irons with ceramic, tourmaline and/or titanium plates.

There are also irons which offer wet to dry features and irons with every imaginable plate size and width.

T3 Single Pass IronDo you need all the bells and whistles for short or medium hair that is fine to medium in thickness?  Probably not. As an example, the T3 Single Pass Iron shown to the side is an excellent iron which can be bought for $45.00 (Suggested retail of $160.00) on and it won Allure Magazine’s seal of approval.

Short Hair + Ironing Only A Few Times A Month

If you have short hair which you will only be ironing a few times a month, select a consumer iron which are usually much more affordable from Conair or Remington. Both companies make good no-frills irons which get the work done in an affordable price range.

The Conair Infiniti Nano Straightener

The Conair Infiniti Nano Straightener is an excellent pick for guys who have short hair which is fine/thin or medium thickness and which is ironed only a few times a month. The Conair Nano often receives 4.5 stars out of 5 on consumer reviews and is backed with a Conair warranty.

The Conair Infiniti Nano Straightener is listed with a suggested retail of $74.99 but is often available on for as low as $44.99.

Match Your Hair Ironing Needs With Size Of The Plates

The size of the plates should be selected based upon your ideal hot ironing goals. If you wish to iron your hair down to the roots, select a small hand held iron or a slim iron with 1/2″, 3/4″ or 5/8″ sized plates.

If you want to iron hair which is longer, thicker or has more texture, opt for an iron with 1 or 1 1/2″ plates.  If you have large fingers or hands, you may need an iron that is a little larger you can get a good grip on when ironing.

What Are The Best Straightening Irons For Guys?

Consider the following suggestions when shopping for the best straightening irons for guys:

1.  All irons are designed and manufactured for both men and women.

2.  Irons which work well for some people may not work well at all for others. Select an iron specifically for your hair type, texture and ironing goals (daily use or bi-monthly use). Opt for a model with the size of plates compatible with your ironing needs.

3.  When in doubt do your homework. You may wish to visit brick and mortar stores to check out the irons and even hold them in your hands. Ultimately, the best pricing will almost always be available on Be sure to read the reviews carefully.

4.  The less expensive irons from consumer hair focused companies like Conair and Remington will usually provide the same, if not better results, then the high priced couture irons from brands such as ghd, Chi, Hai and similar brands which spend a lot of dollars on marketing. ghd uses Katy Perry to sell their irons which definitely adds to the bottom line.

5.  All irons are manufactured in a handful of plants around the world. The overall difference?  Packaging, branding and availability of options.

6.  Start slow and work up from there. If you’ve never bought or used a hot iron before, ask to borrow your one from the females in your family to check them out. Obtain a lower priced iron such as from Conair, Remington or an affordably priced T3, Chi or Hai. Get to know the iron. If you like it, you can always upgrade later.

There’s nothing wrong with buying an inexpensive iron. Don’t be swayed by high pressure marketing campaigns to get more iron than your hair needs.

Summary – List Of Best Straightening Irons For Guys

Listed below are some irons for guys with offer a wide range of features and at affordable price points on

1. T3 Single Pass Iron which offers a lot of iron for the money from an excellent company. 
   Best price: $45.00

2. Hai Classic Flat Iron Ceramic offers a slighter wider plate for big hands and fingers.  
    Best price: $52.00

3. Conair Infiniti Nano Straightener which is a very good iron for the price and features.  
    Best price: $44.99.

4. BaByliss Pro is a good entry level iron from a reputable company at a good price. 
    Best price: $36.99.

5. Chi 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Chi irons, when priced affordably, have an excellent reputation.  
    Best price: $53.85

6. ghd Gold Professional 1 Inch Styler is a good iron from a company with a great reputation. The        danger with the ghd irons is not getting the biggest iron bang for your bucks.  
   Best price:  $129.00

7. Remington TStudio Nano Silver Slim Straightener shown above which has an excellent reputation     and is very affordably priced. It’s comparable to the Conair Infiniti Nano.  
    Best price:  $49.00

8. Solano International Sleekheat 1.25 Ceramic Iron Solaro’s tend to be pricey but they offer high         quality. Solano’s are often used by stylists in salons. Suggested retail is $199.00 but can usually     be found on with Best price: $100.00.

9. Remington Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate Best price: $31.92

With some careful shopping you can probably find some of the best irons listed above for less. You might also spot a good find on Craig’s List or similar discount venues. If you do obtain a used iron, find out if any warranty applies.

Ultimately the best straightening irons for guys are the irons which work best for you and your hair.

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