Twists & Braids Made Easy

Author: Karen Marie Shelton
Book Reviewer

Twists & Braids Made Easy

Twists & Braids Made Easy

by Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman, Consumer Guides (Editor)

This 96 page book was written by Mary Beth Janssen-Fleischman who is a hair and beauty industry professional with film and television credits. She has contributed to several magazines such as Modern Salon, American Salon, Harper's Bazaar and Coiffure de Paris. She has also served as contributing writer and hair designer for many hairstyle books including the Beautiful Braids series.

This book is heavier on variations of the twist and lighter on braids. There are 17 different patterns. Some are similar with a slight variation. The book includes the following styles:

  • Classic French Twist
  • Quick French Twist
  • Figure-eight Nape Chignon
  • Three Twists
  • Ribbon Weave
  • Asymmetrical Roll
  • Inverted Ponytail
  • Partial Inversion
  • Inverted Ponytail with Classic chignon
  • Double Inversion
  • Inverted Ponytail with Crown Chignon
  • Double Ponytail Inversion
  • Two-ponytail Chignon
  • Partial Three-strand Overbraids
  • Asymmetrical Three-strand Braid
  • Four-strand Chain Braid
  • Four-strand Round Braid

This book has lots of great ideas. I really liked the Ribbon Weave and the Figure-eight Nape Chignon. All the different patterns give you step by step instructions and have color photos. Some of the patterns were easy enough to learn with just a little practice. There were hair patterns for all types of occasions from formal to casual.

If you are looking for new ideas on how to twist or braid your hair this would be a good purchase.

The interesting thing about this book is how it uses a lot of different tools (like the inversion tool) and accessories like ribbons, clips, dried flowers and beads.

I am always looking for new ideas on how to dress up or change my hair in a subtle yet uncomplicated way. This book definitely gave me some ideas.

If you do well with books and are interested in new ideas, this book would be one that you would enjoy.

Happy Twisting.

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Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Consumer Guide (May 1, 1996)
ISBN: 0451823095

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