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Instant Hair Bliss!
Instant Hair Bliss
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Sometimes the most wonderful things can be small, but meaningful. For many, instant hair bliss can be as simple as waking up with beautiful natural frizz-free texture rendering the need for lots of hair fussing to be moot.

For others instant hair bliss may be finding your long lost favorite barrette peeking out from under the bed where it flew in the middle of a night of tossing and turning.

Listed below are some wonderful instant hair bliss experiences which have been shared with me during the past fifteen years at by everyone from professional hairstylists to consumers:

1.  Receiving a perfect haircut provides instant hair bliss for hair consumers. On the flip side, many hairstylists experience satisfaction or instant hair bliss when they cut the perfect haircut.

2.  A friendly hairstylist who is always on schedule, completely professional and does whatever you ask with your tresses is instant hair bliss as well.

On the opposite side of the chair, a hair client who is prompt, polite, keeps their cell phone on silent and works with their hairstylist is valued by many hair professionals.

3.  The refreshing blast of cool final rinse water after a long warm hair cleanse in the shower may provide bliss for some.

4.  The luxurious feel of a thick clean towel as you pat and blot it along your hairline and over your damp head right after leaving the shower.

5.  The feel of soft satin or silk pillowcases and sheets caressing your hair as you nestle into your bed every night.

6.  A professional head and scalp massage with delicious scented oils from a professional massage therapist.

7.  Perfectly behaved bandeau style headbands which stay put exactly where you want it without riding up or down your strands all day long.

8.  When your special someone gently plays with your hair, brushes it or braids it for you.

9.  The feel of your favorite Mason Pearson 100% hand made boar bristle brush as it glides through your strands.

10.  A fringe which nestles perfectly against your forehead without hanging into your eyes or shrinking up above the eyebrows.

11.  Receiving a wildly extravagant and expensive present of a couture hair accessory from the latest Tarina Tarantino Collection.

12.  The thrill of feeling your soft silky strands cascading onto your skin along the hairline, at the neck of down your back.

13.  When your natural curls form picture perfect clumps, ringlets and spirals.

14.  The feel of a cashmere headband or scarf against your scalp and tresses.

15.  A delicious oil treatment for your scalp and tresses adding a tingling warmth all over.

16.  The moment your special someone sees your beautiful new hair color and tells you how stunning your tresses are.

17.  When your hair easily glides into a perfect ponytail captured at the top of your head and stays put all day long.

18.  The feel of your fingers as they brush past your hair during moments of finger picking or detangling.

19.  Discovering the absolutely perfect barrette which will hold all of your thick wavy tresses in a hair-friendly stay-put grip.

20.  The feel of your tresses blowing across your face in a soft breeze.

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