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Animal Hair Accessories, Always In Style!

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Animal hair accessories are always in style because they offer such a wide range of colors, patterns and styles.

Nothing amps up a hairstyle like a stunning animal inspired print headband or hair accessory.

sweep of leopard can be especially fetching and eye-catching, especially when thoughtfully incorporated into a hairstyle or fashion look.

Although many wear animal prints all year round, some favor jungle designs in the Fall and Winter months.

Whether you love the dramatic black and white of zebra motifs or prefer a more sultry cheetah design, animal print options are endless including leopard, giraffe and tiger patterns.

Some hair accessories only hint of animal pattern influence, weaving subtle touches into a range of fabrics such as feathers, silk, faux silk and/or leather.

Whether it’s a dramatic updo, a cascade of natural waves and curls or a sleek bob, any number of animal embellished and/or inspired hair accessories can instantly transform a hairstyle into a a major win.

History Of Animal Hair Accessories

African wildlife first made a huge splash in the 1980s when they dominated the runways incorporated into an array of textiles and accessories. Fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana have always favored an array of animal prints as part of their design signature.

Animal motifs always offer an instant feel of bold extravagance or a pop of color.

Fashion changes all the time, but it also stays the same. Trends come and go, but often they are similar to hot fashion trends from the past.

Such is the case with the always popular fashion trend of adorning with leopard and cheetah print accessories.

Too Much Animal May Not Be A Good Thing

In some cases there can be such a thing as wearing too much animal prints to the point where it can overpower the hair or the entire fashion look.

Whoopi Goldberg was heavily criticized when she dared to wear a full length cheetah dress a few years ago at the Oscars.

Some animal prints such as a zebra bold strip, or loud pattern, such as a giraffe print dress may not as flattering on some body types as others.

The famous actress might have fared better with a solid color with a cheetah or leopard belt, scarf or even edging on the gown.

Hair Accessories Prevent Overkill

Except on the right body type, age group and height, some animal prints like leopard andcheetah usually look best as accent pieces rather than as the primary focal point.  Adding cheetah accessories such as shoes, handbags and hair accessories allow a display of animal fashion without overkill.

Recently I have been receiving lots of line sheets of headbands and related fashion accessories made out of lush animal prints.

Although animal embellished accessories are available in au natural patterns, they are also showing up printed on a variety of soft background hues such as rich teals, dusty pinks and soft creams.

Summary – Animal Hair Accessories Are Always In Style

Animal prints have long been popular as hair accessories for many reasons. They have an exotic air which provides and instant symbol of wealth and status.

Hair accessories such as headbands, hair clips or barrettes can provide an instant pop of animal drama without a major commitment to the animal trend.

Throughout history, kings and other high people have used animal prints as a sign of status just as mounted animals are kept as trophies.

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