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The Secrets to Healthy, Shiny,
Beautiful Curls

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Before the advent of the current natural curl hair movement and the rise of literally hundreds of hair products designed just for curls, it was fairly easy to figure out the best way to have healthy, shiny and beautiful natural curls.

Mind Boggling Array Of Curly Hair Products

Nowadays there are a mind boggling array of curly hair products to select from.

Which triggers even more questions about what are the right products for you and your spirals. Picking curly hair products which are right for your hair is not easy as it may seem from the scores of Internet sites, bloggers and social network writers.

Secrets To Healthy, Shiny, Beautiful Curls

The secret to having healthy, shiny and beautiful frizz free curls include the following basics:

1. Identify your natural curl type, texture, personality and needs

The most important secret to great curls is to know everything you can about your curls ranging from its natural curl type (loose, tight or super tight curls) and patterns (how curls grow on your scalp), type (thin/fine, medium, medium thick, extremely thick) and challenges.

2. Find a hairdresser you trust who can guide you with the care, feeding, cutting and ultimate long term management of your curls.

As many curly hair people will tell you, finding a good curl expert is key since not all hairdressers are trained in cutting, styling and caring for curls. There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet which can help you do your own research and take responsibility for managing your ringlets.

Curl experts can help you create a holistic plan for growing spectacular coils including suggesting the best products and care cycles.

3. Identify any curl problem areas and create a work-out plan

The secret to having fabulous curls is understanding any challenges you have with your curls and then focusing your attention on dealing with those challenges. Curly hair challenges can include a wide range of concerns from excessive dryness or splitting to weak curl formations, frizz or slow growth cycles.

4. Establishing and following a defined curly hair care regimen

Besides finding a curl expert to guide you, understanding your hair and its challenges, it’s important to follow a proper curl care regiment including addressing specific curl needs and utilizing the best products for your hair needs.


One of the key things to remember about developing healthy, shiny and beautiful natural curls is that knowledge is power. Know your hair, your curls and its needs and you are on the right path to having the natural curls of your dreams.

Beautiful and healthy curls grow stronger, faster and have natural bounce, shimmer and shine. It also has less frizz, split ends and breakage while feeling soft and silky to the touch.

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