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Hair Stylists Making House Calls

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Celebrity hair stylists have been making house calls for their well-known hair clients since forever.

There are a lot of reasons for hair stylists making house call.

Hairdressers will even travel to the location of their celebrity clients.

Celebrity hair guru Robert Hallowell has been coiffing the hair of actress Geena Davis on movie and TV sets for over twenty years. He often travels to the star’s house to prepare her hair for award ceremonies.

Some celebrities attending Red Carpet events may visit a hair salon before a big event, but a larger majority book the private home hair services of a seasoned hair professional who can work under unique award show pressures.

Although hair stylists making house calls is nothing new in Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas or Miami, hair consumers have recently picked up on the practice.

In fact, the New York Times ran a story in March of 2010 which examined the growing popularity of having your hairstylist come to your home to do your hair.

Hair Stylists Making House Calls – Reasons

Speed ahead three years to 2013 and the desire to locate hair stylists who make house calls is more popular than ever before.

There are a number of reasons for this hot new trend which includes:

1.  Consumers are more stressed and busier than every before. When they can arrange for a hairstylist to visit their home or office the convenience factor soars, not to mention the time saved traveling to and from the salon along with parking.

2.  Trying to arrange an appointment for a visit to the salon can become complicated when hours of operation don’t include off hours or extended weekends.

3.  The down economy along with increased competition has put the squeeze on traditional salons and hairstylists.

Hair consumers willing to pay a premium for an at-home hair styling visit are desired by hair professionals looking to supplement their incomes. More hairstylists than ever before are looking to make some side dollars.

4.  Consumers with children may have challenges finding child care while they attend to their tresses. If a hairstylist will come to their residence they can avoid the child care issues.

This is especially true if the hairstylist works in a salon which discourages bringing children or doesn’t provide child care.

Drawbacks  To Hair Stylists Making House Calls

1.  Hair stylists may charge more for house calls to make the travel worth their time. If you compare what you pay for the service at home versus the salon there may be a definite difference. Only the hair consumer can decide if the extra cost is worth the convenience.

2.  If the hair stylist making the house call is free-lance or a booth renter they may or may not carry special insurance to cover their house visits.

If there’s ever a need for insurance coverage, this matter should be discussed up front. When in doubt discuss the matter with your own insurance agent.

3.  Some hairstylists who are employed full time by a salon may do house visits without the prior knowledge or awareness of their salon.

The stylist may also not report the earnings or shares the fees with their employer. This is considered bad form in the hair industry, especially when the salon offers house visits as one of their services.

Additionally, some salons expressively forbid their stylists from making home visits, depending upon the working arrangement at the salon.

4.  House-call stylists may only accept cash for their work. This is because they are using the opportunity to do hair off the clock and under the table.

The hair consumer must decide for themselves whether they are comfortable with this arrangement or not.

5.  Some types of hair services may not be as well suited to a private home as in a salon which is stocked with specialized tools.

Summary – Hair Stylists Making House Calls

Not all hair stylist are able to make house calls. In some states licensing requirements do not allow for in-home hair care except in certain circumstances.

Regardless whether all hair stylists can make house calls or not, the trend is only increasing in popularity.

While having a hair stylist make a house call offers many advantages, the disadvantages must also be considered.

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