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The Popular Facebook Facelift   

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Due to the popularity of  Social Media (SoMe) channels such as  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and similar, there’s a new pressure for people to put their very best faces forward on their SoMe profiles.

As a result, their is a growing increase in the demand for what has been tagged the Facebook Facelift.

Cosmetic surgeons have confirmed the Facebook Facelift is the latest craze in cosmetic surgery. They’re seeing a surge of new patients showing up for work because they want to look good online.

Why? More SoMe Likes, Follows, Friend requests and general admirers.

Seriously? Yes. Along with a few other secondary concerns.

Smoother Chin Lines And Higher Cheekbones For The Digital World

Since people tend to have their cameras point up on their phones when they’re on Google Meetup, Skype or FaceTime. Unfortunately angling phones up is not the most flattering angle for chins.

Seeking improvement for the lower half of the face is just one of the reasons why plastic surgeons have seen an increase in request for Facebook Facelift surgeries.

Unwanted Facebook tagging is another reason for the surge in Facebook Facelift inquiries. SoMe citizens are complaining to plastic surgeons about how they look in tagged photos which are posted without their permission.

While it’s possible to instantly remove unwanted tagged photos, the photos may still remain on the web somewhere.

As a result the same people who worry about how they look when Skyping want to make sure if they’re tagged without permisssion have smoother chins, higher cheekbones and sculpted faces.

Doing videos for YouTube has only added to the demand for Facebook Facelifts to create a great digital world impression. Video blogging is another cause of the new demand for the Social Media friendly cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Sigal’s FaceTime Facelift

Texas-based plastic surgeon Dr. Robert K. Sigal invented a special procedure called the “FaceTime Facelift.”

If you’re thinking “why don’t people just reposition their cameras?" you’re underestimating the complex situation that the Internet is giving us. There’s even a Facebook app where you can ask if you need certain plastic surgery procedures and get crowd-sourced answers.

Dr. Ajay Kashyap explains the hot new “Facebook face lifts are not exactly face lifts. They’re relatively minor procedures that people in their twenties and thirties get done to improve their pictures on the social media.”

Internet And Facebook Dating

Ellenbogen was quoted as saying “Internet dating and Facebook dating has really changed how people approach what they want to look like.

People come in and show me their Facebook pictures, and ask what they can do to look hotter, and we work backwards from that.

I use computer software to show them what they’re going to look like, and to make sure they don’t look stupid.”

Social Individuals Minimize Online Signs Of Aging

Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth, former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has witnessed this increase. “Skype, FaceTime, and other live talk features on digital devices have led to more consultations and procedures.”

Roth noted “People are now seeing their faces as others see them in real time, and they often do not like what they see.” More importantly he added “people are noticing their jowels, necks, and wrinkles.”

When people look in the mirror, they instinctively lift their heads in a way which minimizes tell-tale aging signs. During a conversation, facial expressions and animation make unwanted ‘imperfections’ come alive.

Neurotoxins, fillers, laser procedures as well as neck and face lifts and eyelid tucks are being requested by these ‘social’ individuals.”

Effect Of Cosmetic Surgery On Self-Esteem

Cosmetic surgery is an optional procedure performed on normal parts of the body with the primary purpose of improving a person’s appearance and/or removing signs of aging.

Long term studies prove cosmetic surgery plays an important role in a person’s self-esteem because the physical appearance is an important status equivalent to gender or race.

By making changes to the body it contributes not only to the patient’s physical appearance, but also to the mental health of the patient.

The number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States has increased over 50 percent since the start of the century. Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever before.

In 2006 close to 11 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone. Nonsurgical procedures such as Botox and laser hair removal is also increasing in popularity.

In Europe, the second largest market for cosmetic procedures, cosmetic surgery is a $2.2 billion business.

In Asia, cosmetic surgery has become an accepted practice, and countries such as China and India has become Asia’s biggest cosmetic surgery markets.

Thailand is also one of the main cosmetic surgery markets in Asia, in particular for affordable breast augmentation

Facebook Facelift Trend Will Continue

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery released a study in March of 2013 which found a 31 percent increase in surgeries and procedures inspired by social media appearances.

The March 2013 study confirms what individual cosmetic and plastic surgeons have been reporting.

The Facebook Facelift trend, especially among 20-to-30-something men and women seeking plastic surgery will only become stronger. Facebook Facelifts and related tune-ups have the ultimate goal of creating an attractive Facebook or related SoMe profile photo.

The increase in surgeries to ensure digital beauty makes perfect sense when you consider howquickly people are losing control over what images of them wind up online and in public view.

Summary – Facebook Facelift

Some experts believe it may be unnecessary or even controversial to have cosmetic procedures performed in order to appear more attractive, youthful and vibrant online. Is that really true?

In today's Social Media obsessed world not only do people decide who to friend and like, they might even be attracted to potential mates, employers or employees. Profile pictures are often the first impression people in the SoMe Universe form.

There’s definitely something to be said for having an attractive profile photo and if cosmetic produces help achieve that result, why not consider them?

Having a fabulous digital avatar or SoMe photo which is true to life may also prevent that dreaded disappointment which may show up in the eyes of new online friends, potential employers or lovers when a real life meeting occurs.

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