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18 Taxi Wallet Advantages Taxi Wallets®  - Alligator Print - Purple

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In 1987 a spectacular little wallet was dubbed the Taxi Wallet®. In a quarter of a century, Taxi Wallet® has grown to be a treasured American brand. has been proudly carrying the Taxi Wallet® in their Marketplace for close to ten years. I personally have carried a Taxi Wallet® for many years and am addicted to the many great features of this gem.

The beauty of this wallet is that it's slim & compact no one will actually know you’re carrying it. But don't let the size fool you. This well-designed taxi wallet has plenty of space for your money and other essentials.

List Of 18
Taxi Wallet® Advantages

1.  A Taxi Wallet® will go anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

2.  They efficiently hold all your important things.

3.  Every Taxi Wallet® is beautifully constructed.

4.  They are perfectly designed to carry all your essentials without being bulky or awkward.

5.  The beautiful wallets were named Taxi Wallet® because "taxi" has the same meaning in all languages.

Taxi Wallet® is available in solids, subtly textured prints and colorful graphic designs.

7.  Created in 1987, the Taxi Wallet® company has a long honorable history and reputation.

8.  The Taxi Wallet® brand has a fiercely loyal following.

9.  It has an easily accessible outer pocket for business cards and receipts.

10. A Taxi Wallet® makes an excellent gift which lasts for a very long time.

11. The iconic wallets are extremely efficient for traveling or everyday use.

12. There are two bill compartments and an interior pocket for your driver's license and credit cards.

13. A gusseted snap pouch is ideal for loose change or a spare key.

14. Even with all the wonderful compartments, it's still slim enough to carry in your front or back pocket.

15.  This gorgeous wallet is very comfortable to wear with great styling and looks great when you pull it out.

16.  It's a great conversation starter. Slide your glam Taxi Wallet® out of your pocket or handbag and just wait for the compliments and questions to flow. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who asked me about my unique Taxi Wallet®.

17.  A
Taxi Wallet® will help make memories which will last a lifetime.

18.  This may be the last wallet you ever obtain. Once you've owned and carried a Taxi Wallet® you may never look back.

Summary -
Taxi Wallet® Advantages

There are lots of imitations, but only one original unisex Taxi Wallet®. The legendary quality and workmanship of the original
Taxi Wallet® makes it a favorite of travelers around the world.

Exceptionally thin and compact, it's constructed of rich, Italian calfskin leather, with two pockets to separate U.S. and foreign money, interior pockets for I.D., credit cards and receipts, plus a gusseted snap pouch for loose change.

Tuck it into a pocket or day pack, or snap it onto your belt for hands-free convenience. (4 x 3½ x 1"; 2 oz).

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