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Hair Bleaching Problems! Get The Fix!  

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Unfortunately once a person has already experienced a hair bleaching problem or disaster, there are limited options and I can’t help them very much. To be honest, it really frustrates me.

I often wish there was a magic wand I could wave and instantly fix bleached hair problems.

If I had that wand and could use it remotely I would become an instant hair superstar. Unfortunately, I’ve never found such a wand or even believe one actually exists.

Symptoms Of Hair Bleaching Problems

At the point I receive emails, phone calls, tweets and Facebook messages about hair bleaching problems, the hair is going through one of the classic bad bleach reactions including:

1.  Hair is snapping off at the roots

2.  Strands are breaking off all over the head

3.  Hair feels excessively dry to the touch

4.  Ends may look fried, super frizzy or with extensive splits

5.  Hair feels spongy during and/or after washing

6.  Strands feel perpetually damp even after drying with hot tools

7.  Hair is duck yellow or has sections with bright yellow spots

8.  The natural texture appears damaged. Natural curls don’t form and waves have lost their S or related shapes 

Options For Dealing With Hair Bleaching Problems

At that stage there are really limited options:

1. Go to a professional color correction specialist. 

They may or may not be able to help you normalize color problems depending on the amount of hair damage. A great professional correction expert will be honest with you and lay out your most viable options. Listen, take notes, make careful decisions.

2.  Skip the color correction specialist since their expertise usually comes at a very high price. 

Instead, go straight to a professional hair stylist and have all the damage removed. You may even want to consider shaving your head if there is extreme root level damage.

3. Invest in lots of cool hats and hair accessories to cover the damage.

It’s not the most permanent fix, but wearing wide bandeau style headbands, thick barrettesdistracting hair flowers or cute hats will cover a multitude of bleached hair damaged.

They will also offer you some time to weight your options before making a more permanent decision such as having your head shaved or having your hair shaved off.

4.   Start an aggressive repair treatment program.

Not all treatment programs works for all types of hair, texture or levels of damaged.  Select a treatment program ranging from a hard core professional deep conditioning products to DIY home treatments utilizing coconut, jojoba, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), sesame or similar healing hair oils.

If you have extreme damage, you may need advice from a professional on the best treatment programs.  If the damage is localized, treat those areas first. Always consider your hair type, texture, length and history when selecting treatment options.

5. Wait it out. Hair grows back, except in some very rare circumstances.

To help speed up the process, or at least give you the feeling you’re doing something to help, amp up all the hair growing tips like taking hair vitamins specifically designed to grow healthy hair at optimal growth rates, drinking lots of water to hydrate from the inside out and eating hair healthy foods.

6.  Hair extensions may not be a viable option.  

Yes, hair extensions may be an option post-hair bleaching disasters in some situations.  Unfortunately, if a lot of bleach damage has occurred at the root level, there may not be enough hair left to serve as a host to add-on hair.

If there is extensive damage to the roots, both fusion and clip-in strands may not attach to the damaged strands.  Also, there is a risk of adding extensions which would be fine in normal circumstances, but could add too much pressure to damaged, fragile strands.

Wigs may be an option in some cases if wearing them doesn’t add to the pre-existing bleach damage.

Summary – Hair Bleaching Problems

Anytime bleach and/or color which has a lifting component is used, there is potential for disaster. All I can say is to think long and hard before you do it and be prepared for what happens if all does not go well.

When in doubt always work with a professional hair colorist who has a long history of bleaching and/or coloring hair.

Remember, when it comes to hair bleaching problems, once you have them, it can take a long time for them to be resolved.

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