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Paraffin Beauty Wax 

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In the world of beauty, trends cycle through with lightening speed.

Almost as soon as new beauty treatments are introduced into spas, health resorts or salons, they become available as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home treatments for beauty consumers.

Such was the case with paraffin beauty wax treatments which have been around for several years. Paraffin beauty wax treatments offer many benefits.

Therabath demonstrated one of it’s earliest at-home paraffin bath models at a consumer product show in Las Vegas in June of 2008. Conair, Remington, HoMedics and Revlon followed with their own DIY home treatment models.

Professional Paraffin Beauty Wax Treatments

Depending upon the spa, paraffin beauty wax treatments are available for manicures, pedicures or both. Some spas will use hot wax treatments as a type of spot treatment for dry elbows and/or knees.

Others offer paraffin facial masks. A paraffin beauty wax treatment is considered part of a deluxe experience and may add an additional 45-60 minutes to the total spa visit.

Prices vary on paraffin beauty wax treatments in professional setting. They can range from $45 to $100 depending on a wide range of options.

DIY Wax Spa Options

Fans of molten wax treatments can buy a wide range of DIY treatment tubs. They are available in an assortment of price ranges and sizes.

Depending upon the manufacturer, paraffin wax tubs have a wide range of features. Some are obviously better than others. One of the most desirable features for DIY waxing tubs is wax heating time.

Some tubs can take as long as an hour to heat each pound of wax. Other devices heat up much faster. The size of tubs can range from a relatively small 2 pound sized tub to a much large tub which can hold 6 pounds of wax or more.

Benefits Of Paraffin Beauty Wax Treatments

Whether you have a paraffin beauty wax treatment at the spa or at home the benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

1.  Softens skin
2.  Helps to relieve pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints
3.  Relieves pain in some types of traumatic injuries
4.  Will often help ease the chronic pain of arthritis

Note:  The pain-killing efforts can last from a few hours to more than a day in some cases.

5.  It provides relaxation and overall pampering
6.  The wax will also help add hydration to dry skin
7.  Helps to smooth the cuticles
8.  Will help to soften and eliminate dry skin on elbows and knees
9.  Provides a great at-home spa experience
10.  Opens pores to release toxins.

One great time to have a paraffin beauty wax is in conjunction with a manicure/pedicure. When done at home, a paraffin beauty wax performed shortly before bedtime will help provide a very relaxing sleep.

How Does Paraffin Beauty Wax Work?

Several pounds of solid paraffin wax is dumped into a heating reservoir or tub to melt. The wax may be scented or unscented.

Once the wax has completely heated to an ideal (and safe) temperature of approximately 130 degrees, hands and/or feet are dipped five (5) or more times, letting the hot wax dry between dunks.

Once the dunking has been completed, leave the wax on hands and/or feet for several minutes to allow the paraffin to completely solidify and cool. Optionally you can allow the wax to cool and solidify for up to 30 minutes. Cover the wax with plastic wrap or special plastic gloves and/or mitts. The plastic helps the wax and mineral oil to soak deeper into the skin.

When the hardened wax shell is finally removed, the skin is smooth and hydrated. This is because the wax shell assists the hydrating oils and related properties penetrate into the part of the skin which is not dead.

Secret Ingredient Is Mineral Oil

The key ingredient in a paraffin beauty wax treatment is paraffin. The second most important ingredient is mineral oil (aka baby oil) which is used to adjust the melting temperatures of the wax.

If paraffin is used without the mineral oil the melting point of the wax is too high. It’s important to always use mineral oil with the paraffin.

Although each manufacturer offers paraffin wax treatments which are unique, most include ingredients which include paraffin, mineral oil, some sort of fragrance, additional oils such as soybean or coconut and possibly aloe and lanolin.

There are also kits available which have unscented ingredients for those with allergies.

DIY Paraffin Beauty Wax Treatment Tubs

A great place to shop for a DIY at-home paraffin beauty wax treatment tub is on This is because you can easily compare all the features and price tags.

Some of the hot wax tubs are more spacious than others. If you have especially large hands or feet make sure you purchase a wider or deeper tub which is large enough to accommodate your needs.

Other features include temperature adjustment controls, timers, special heat prolonging accessories (plastic bags, plush cotton mitts and/or booties) and tub liners. Does the tub run on electricity or batteries?

Why type of batteries? How much wax does the tub hold and how long does it take for the wax to melt?

Some types of wax can be reused for multiple treatments. Others only are good for one treatment. Be sure to read about all the features and use instructions.

Summary - Paraffin Beauty Wax

Paraffin beauty wax treatments offer a wide range of benefits. Is it better to have a hot wax treatment in a professional setting or at home?  It all depends upon your budget, time pressures and beauty treatment goals.

Although hot wax treatments allegedly will offer relief for stiff joints and muscles, this may or may not be true for everyone. If you decide to purchase a home hot wax tub, be sure to do your homework and make sure the product you buy offers all the features you desire.

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