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8 Hair Accessories For Growing Out Bangs!

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I’m a big fan of the forehead fringe. For the majority of my life I’ve had an array of fringes ranging from side-swept and layered to blunt cut.

Due to the fact I’ve been taking hair growth vitamins for many years, my bangs literally grow like weeds.

When I can’t get to my favorite hairstylist for a trim I rely on a series of time tested hair accessories which do a great job of keeping my fringe out of my face while looking fashionable.

Listed below are 8 hair accessories for growing out bangs with flair:

1.  Mini Alligator Clips – Many years ago I found these little alligator clips during a buying trip and fell in love.  A well-kept hair accessory secret, mini-alligator clips will securely clip back even the shortest overgrown fringe with no muss or fuss.

The cool thing about mini alligator clips is that you can wear just one or go with a grouping to make a statement. Mini alligator clips comes in every style, price range, color and design.

I personally prefer the metal versions with the strong hair-friendly teeth.  Pop one on and forget about those pesky bangs for the rest of the day.

2.  Mini Jaws, Claws, Hair Clips – Regardless of their label, small hair clips can work wonders with overgrown fringes. The key is to find the appropriate hair clip which will properly secure your overgrown fringe to keep it out of your face and eyes.

Depending upon your hair type, texture and length you may prefer the metal versions over the softer faux mini tortoise or plastic styles. Clips with teeth tend to hold hair more securely than those clips without the tiny anchors. Some people also prefer sleeper clips as a way to secure overgrown fringes.

3.  Bobby Pins – We can all thanks Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) for taking bobby pins out of the back of a hairstyle and applying them front and center in the fringe. Not only did SJP make it fashionable to wear traditional bobby pins as fashion accessories, she wore them in contrasting colors, in arrays and unique groupings.

Back in the day when hair accessories were first invented as a functional hair tool who would have guessed they would achieve esteemed decorative hair accessory status?

4.  Skinny Adjustable Headbands – When they first became popular they were known as bra strap headbands. Now these type of headbands have evolved to the point where they are available in an array of designs, colors and widths. Depending upon the length of your fringe you can wear skinny headbands adjacent to the hairline or further back on the head.

5.  No Grip Elastic Headbands  Designed to work in the same fashion as the skinny adjustable headbands,  elastic bands may offer a tighter no-slip grip which may be necessary for some hair types and textures.

Fringes generally grow to an awkward point where they’re too long for wearing down, but not quite long enough to be swept up and back off the forehead. A no grip elastic headband will prevent rebellious fringes from escaping.

6.  Hair Combs – Small wire combs can work wonders for some hair types and textures with itcomes to holding overgrown bangs in place. Combs work especially well with fringes brushed to the side and merged into the side strands. Combs are available in a never ending array of sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

7.  Barrettes – I’m a huge fan of mini barrettes for holding back overgrown bangs. I also love medium sized barrettes when I brush my overgrown fringe to one side. Barrettes are easy to wear, come with and without teeth and never go out of fashion.

8. Bandeau headbands – I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of bandeau headbands, especially if they are made of super soft materials such as silk, satin or similar.

Unless a bandeau headband has a strong elastic frame, I find they will slip and slide which effectively allow my overgrown strands to easily escape.

I do find the stretchy knit bandeaus or wide headbands can do a great job of holding my fringe in place. Some people love the option, others not so much.

Summary - 8 Hair Accessories For Growing Out Bangs

Hair accessories are a great option when growing out bangs. Overgrown fringes can easily be contained by a range of mini-alligator clipshair clipscombsmini barrettes and headbands, to name a few, of the most popular hair accessory options.

Pin your fringe back with a couple of delicate bobby pins or tuck that under an elastic headband. Or pull your overgrown fringe back with a mini alligator clips or similar hair clips. Growing out your fringe can be a chic and fabulous experience.

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