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Secrets To Amping Up Hair Hydration!

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All hair needs hydration, but some hair needs more hydration than others. People with textured tresses including naturally curly, wavy or coily tresses need amped up hair hydration secrets.

Hair which has been chemically colored or treated also needs the amped up hair hydration secrets. When hair loses moisture, it may become brittle, dull and lifeless.  Color fades and hair may look older than it is.

Listed below are some of the best amped up hair hydration secrets:

1.  Commit to a consistent hair conditioning scheme including, when appropriate, pre-cleanse, rinse out, leave-in, deep conditioning and spot treatments.

2.  Adopt the least dehydrating cleansing schedule. Cleanse only once or week or when needed to preserve natural hydration provided through natural oils.

3.  Avoid use of dehydrating hot water whenever possible.

4.  Utilize lukewarm water for cleansing, cool/cold water for a finishing rinse.

5.  Limit use of hot styling tools whenever possible. Hot styling tools will encourage long-term dehydration.

6.  Partially or completely air dry. If heat is required utilize a hood or bonnet style dryer set on low heat.

7.  Experiment with organic and/or natural oils (coconut, almond, jojoba or similar) until you find the best oil for your hair.

8.  Unless hair is fine or thin, create luxurious hydration with exotic butters such as shea, mango, avocado or cocoa which get absorbed quickly.

9.  Elevate hydration to the next level with in-between cleansing oiling.

10.  Use special care when detangling since improper hair handling can result in extended damages to fragile strands.

11.  Select shampoos, conditioners and styling products which are designed specifically to provide deep hair moisturizing, lubricity and sheen.

Note:  Look for products with hydrating and strengthening ingredients such as green tea, sugar cane, citrus and/or extracts of wines and unique vegetable proteins.

12.  Target all dry brittle sections and focus attention on those areas.

13.  Hydrate from the outside in. Increase your consumption of water and healthy liquids which will help keep scalp, roots and tresses moisturized.

14.   Eat a healthy, balanced food-plan which features green, leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and good fats.

15.  Make sure to include protein-rich foods as well as those containing vitamins A, B, C, E and K which are excellent for your hair.

16. Eat silica enriched foods such as still-skinned potatoes, bell peppers, asparagus and cucumbers.

17.  Make sure you don’t have hidden thyroid or hormonal issues which could cause hair to become brittle and overly dry. If you suspect you do, visit your health care provider and amp up your consumption of foods which are rich in iodine.

18.  Take vitamins such as HairTopia or similar which are custom designed specifically to help enhance hair strength, hydration and balance and are rich in EFAs.

Include fresh tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel in your food-plan along with flaxseed, olives, avocados and nuts high in essential fatty acids.

Summary - Amp Up Hair Hydration Secrets

All hair benefits from hydration, but some types of hair benefit from deep hydration which quenches hair’s natural thirst for moisture.

Experiment with products which bring together an exotic blend of hydrating butters which help hair’s moisture content along with anti-aging silicones and related ingredients which help to strengthen parched strands while also smoothing the surface.

Work on revitalizing and strengthening hair’s core which ultimately will create exquisite smoothness, shine and fantastic color vibrancy.

When hair is properly hydrated it has a more healthy appearance with maximum color radiance and brilliance. Also, when hair has the proper moisture balance, it is less like to be damaged by normal daily wear and tear.

Properly hydrated hair is a beautiful thing to behold.

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