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Headbands Are This Spring's Best Accessory! FurHeadband-2_250h

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Headbands are the best hair accessory for the following reasons:

1.  They never ever go out of style and have been worn in some form since the beginning of time until present day.
2.  Headbands work with every hair length from pixie short to waist-length
3.  All hair textures from stick straight to naturally textured or coiled can rock one or more headbands.
4.  Dreadlocks also look fabulous with headbands
5.  Headbands can be worn as one accent piece or grouped together
6.  It’s possible to find headbands in every imaginable price range from just a few cents to thousands of dollars.
7.  Whether worn as purely a decorative accent piece or to solve a functional hair problem, headbands are extremely versatile.
8.  Celebrities, royalty and even well-known male sports figures flaunt headbands. Think Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, even David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher.
9.  Headbands can be worn strategically placed on the head to hide undesirable root regrowth, help anchor overgrown bangs or control cowlicks.
10.  When selected properly, headbands can add an instant pop of color, almost like highlights and/or lowlights to any hair color.
11.  Headbands can be substituted for a traditional bridal veil or similar formal headpiece.
12.  Plain headbands can be instantly amped up by attaching  feathers, a jewel or crystal encrusted hair clip, brooch or barrette. 
13.  Instantly transform a headband into a flower hair accessory by attaching a floral hair clip or barrette.
14.  Use a headband to divert attention away from a bad hair day.
15.  Combine headbands with braids or updos.
16.  Headbands can be work with or without sunglasses, other hair accessories or even braids.
Headbands-1_250h17.  Make your own headband out of a French hairline braid.
18.  Headband design has evolved over the years making them lighter, more comfortable and convertible. 
19.  When worn over the ears, headbands can offer warmth during cold snaps, much like bandeaus worn during Winter sports.
20.  Headbands can be personalized and customized to create a fashion signature.

Summary - Headbands Are The Best Hair Accessory

Unlike the scunchie which fell on hard fashion times, the headband continues to rule.

Headbands may be known as headwraps, bands, bandeaus, hair bands, hair wraps or similar. At the end of the day any semi-circular or circular band, whether made of hard or soft material which can be attached to the head, falls into the headband category.

Headbands can and are worn by men, women and children of every age and race. Don’t expect headbands to disappear any time soon, if ever.

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