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Are DIY Hair Tips Bad For Your Health? 

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Vanessa Vick was on a quest to save every penny she spent on hair and related beauty products. The good-deals shopper dumped her beloved Rene Furterer dry shampoo for the cheapest dollar store baby powder after firing her longtime hairstylist before heading to the part of town with dirt cheap hair and nail services.

Saving money also prompted the firing of her long time hair colorist. She decided to see the local drugstore aisles for bleach, hair color toners and inexpensive keratin smoothing products.

Vanessa wound up in the ER on a Friday night gasping for breath instead of hanging with friends at her favorite night locale. She discovered first hand how DIY hair tips may ruin your health and actually wind up costing more money to fix any resulting damage.

The constant powdering of her greasy hair with the cheapest generic baby powders had seriously aggravated her asthmatic condition from an array of toxins.

Her scalp was covered with blotchy red bumps from her futile attempts at going Gwen Stefani platinum while a worrisome toenail fungus would not respond to any drugstore ointments.

Possible High Price – How DIY Hair Tips May Ruin Your Health 

The money Vanessa saved on hair products and related services were more than lost on the out-of-pocket the frugal hair consumer had to pay for her emergency hospital stay.

She also had to dig deep for co-pay dollars to acquire new breathing medications as well as salves and creams for the scalp rash. The anti-fungal medications for her toenail fungus were also not in her budget.

In the grand scheme of things Vanessa Vick may have dodged a larger bullet. She learned first hand how DIY hair tips may ruin your health in a number of ways and actually cost you more money then you hoped to save.

Not All DIY Hair Tips May Ruin Your Health

Of course not all DIY hair tips will send you to the emergency wing. Some DIY treatments such as leaving bleach too long on your scalp may only do temporary damage which can be repaired by a professional. The question is at what long term cost? Being penny wise and pound foolish can extract a pound of flesh.

While being frugal is admirable, especially in tough economic times, it’s always best to apply a balanced and thoughtful approach to money saving behaviors.

Saving money on hair products by substituting with cheap DIY formulations which might contain risky toxins triggering medical bills is probably not a wise financial decision.

DIY Hair Tips Which May Save Your Money But Not Ruin Your Health

Listed below are some DIY hair tips which may save you money, but not ruin your health in the process:

1.  Go ahead and substitute your high end hair products if you really must. However, with careful browsing, price comparisons, free shipping deals and coupon options you can save a bundle on all your favorite hair and beauty items.

Instead of completely dumping hair products which work best for your tresses, obtain them on sale. Many online hair and beauty sites offer a range of coupon codes, shipping deals or other incentives to save you money, but not risk your hair.

2.  Work alternative hair and beauty products into your regular care routines with your traditional products to extend their life. If you love Rene Furterer’s dry shampoo because of how fluffy it makes your hair, continue to use it by buying at the best price possible.

Stretch the life of the Rene Furterer dry shampoo product by substituting every other use with organic or all natural 100% Pure Corn Starch.

A bag of 100% Pure Corn Starch will last a long time and does not contain any lung irritants which might be found in cheap generic body or baby powders.

Meanwhile you’ll still be able to use your favorite commercial dry shampoo for specialty hair occasions or for days you really need it.

3.  Stretch your hair and beauty care timelines. If you can’t afford monthly visits to your regular hair colorist for touch-ups, explain your financial situation and ask for a list of safe drugstore products which can help extend the life of your hair color.

Many hair professionals are savvy about current economic conditions and will help a client rather than lose them forever.

The expertise available at local cosmetology colleges has skyrocketed over the past five years.  Many schools sponsored by hair care manufacturers like Aveda, Paul Mitchell and Toni & Guy, to name a few, offer exceptional hair services at a fraction of the costs at high end salons.

4.  If you must utilize extreme cost-cutting hair and beauty treatments be sure to do your research before proceeding. Bleaching, coloring or chemically treating your hair at home can be safe if you follow all the proper steps and do a preliminary spot test to avoid serious allergic reaction.

5.  Always keep your health as the number one priority when researching money saving hair and beauty DIY treatments. If you have a long history of difficulty breathing, COPD or similar, make sure that any DIY hair treatments will not cause toxic fumes or a breathing crisis.

6.  While some DIY hair tips such as using cornstarch as a dry shampoo, coconut, olive or jojoba instead of a pricey deep hair conditioners and apple cider vinegar as a rinse, chemical treatments can be a lot trickier.

Consider offering to barter for some of the hair services you might desire but are out of your budget. Rather than risk burning your scalp, having an allergic reaction or simply destroying your strands, why not offer to barter services with your professional hairstylist.

They might be open to babysitting, parent sitting or errand running services in exchange for haircuts or highlights. It never hurts to ask.

Summary – DIY Hair Tips May Ruin Your Health

Although great hair and beauty savings can be found at a wide range of little hole-in-the-wall shops in the less desirable parts of town, make sure the establishment holds all the proper legitimate licensing with the state.

If the price seems too good, there may be some hidden risks. It’s really true you do get what you pay for, even if it means you wind up paying high prices for prescription drugs or ointments to cure the effect of the dirt cheap treatments.

Most people would agree that saving some money on hair and related beauty treatments isn’t worth risking the development of breathing problems or similar serious health concerns.

While DIY hair tips may ruin your health in some cases, make sure that the money you save doesn’t ultimately create a situation where you could lose your life in the process.

Always do your homework and keep a practical balanced mindset when you undertaking money saving DIY treatments.

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