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Feng Shui For Your Tresses!

In Feng Shui the external is always considered a mirror of the internal. The marriage of Feng Shui and hair is part of the secret language spoken by the body. The body, in Feng Shui teachings, is viewed as a microcosm or one small piece of the larger universe.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement and the system of correspondence which has developed from observing nature and humans for centuries. For more than 5,000 years this ancient art has been studied and practiced around the world.

Taoist priests were the ones who actually discovered how Feng Shui applied to the human body including the hair. 

Their study of how the human body could be fit into Feng Shui paradigms was considered revolutionary at the time. The priests believes all humans are made up of yin and yang, the two complementary parst of the whole consisting of male and female, light and dark.

Hair Feng Shui - Disregard For Modern Hairstyles

In ancient Feng Shui teachings there is little regard for actual hairstyling techniques as there are in modern times. Instead it is the hair itself which is studied and evaluated with great precision.

Feng Shui experts who focus on the study of the tresses analyze the hair's quality, quantity, color, the hair's shine, the direction the hair grows along with the overall appearance of the body in connection with the hair.

Ideally the hair should be neither too thick, too thin, too hard or too soft. Too much hair is equally as unfavorable as too little hair. This of course ties in with the Feng Shui principles of Yin and Yang or finding true balance.

Hair Feng Shui - Direction Of Hair Growth

Body Feng Shui practioners believe that the direction of the hair's growth should be clearly identifiable.

When the growth direction is mixed or hard to recognize, this may indicate unfavorable Feng Shui aspects and potential health or bodily imbalances.

Other factors traditional Feng Shui masters evaluate regarding the hair is the vibrancy of the natural color, the shine or lack of shine. It is considered more acceptable for women to have softer hair than men.

Feng Shui masters who study the art of hair reading will determine an overall success potential based on a combination of the hair with the general body type.

Hair Feng Shui - General Theories

According to the teachings of body Feng Shui experts attention should be paid to the following hair and body links:

1.  A very thin person with very thick hair may be more prone to experience a very varied sexual life, even when this isn't necessarily wanted or preferred.

2.  Someone with thick and rough hair, but who fits the other positive body Feng Shui types, will most likely be very successful, in spite of, or because of the fact they will have to fight for it. 

If the other body Feng Shui criteria (mainly those involving the face) are not positive, these people will have to work very hard to reach even a minimal level of success.

If someone with rough and thick hair has a very beautiful color as well as a nice shine then success might come more quickly and easily then if these variables are not present.

3.  A large or heavy person with thin hair is thought to not have a lot of courage to fight for success.  This theory does not mean that they won't be successful, just that they may be lacking in courage in some fashion.

4.  The quality of the hair stands in relation to the quality of the skin.The finer the hair, the softer the skin should be. The rougher the skin, the rougher the hair.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules

In Feng Shui the following general hairstyle rules are suggested:

1.  The forehead should always be completely free of hair. This is because the forehead is considered the sunshine of the soul. In the study of body Feng Shui, when a fringe or bangs cover the forehead, it's considered to be blocking the soul.

People who cover their forehead on a regular basis are believed by Feng Shui practioners to have gentle and beautiful characters, but may actually be hiding behind a veil of hair.

This belief actually agrees with some theories of modern psychology regarding using hair as a shield to hide from the world.

2.  The Feng Shui practioners advise that the cheeks should never be covered with hair. The cheeks are considered to be the gateway to the soul. 

People who cover their cheeks with their hair may either be full of self-doubt or very courageous.

If they are full of self-doubt, it consists of a very deep-seated fear. 

When courageous, they may still have secret fears or self-doubt but push past them to accomplish extraordinary feats. Whether full of self-doubt or courageous, these people may still find that they struggle with all types of partnerships.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules - Short Hair

Body feng shui experts have definite opinions about the length of the hair. There are different thoughts about those who wear their tresses cut short. 

Individuals who wear their hair short are considered to be very independent, open-hearted and self-sufficient. However, people who grow up with extremely short hair are believed to be deprived of love and affection from their parents. It is believe that later in life these women will crave attention and love.

People with short hair which is chemically texturized or permed are thought to have a tendency to be insecure and act conservatively in matters of the heart.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules - Medium Length Hair

People with shoulder-length hair which is styled so that it curls inward at the ends tend to have an elegant appearance. However, they are thought to care mainly about their looks, often ignoring everything else and may be difficult in getting along in relationships.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules - Long To Very Long Hair

People with very long, naturally wavy hair tend to love a luxurious life and in order to obtain such a life are sometimes willing to forfeit deeper studies. In general they tend to be more interested in details than in the big picture.

When the hair is very long, and naturally straight hair, but not tied back or worn up, the person is thought to be naturally tender, good-willed and very intelligent. Feng Shui body readers believe that people with very long hair are attracted to things of love and beauty.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules - Braided Or Pinned Up Hair

If the hair is long to very long and worn plaited into a braid, the wearer of such a hairstyle is considered self-confident, helpful, intelligent and an orderly person. They also are more often than not interested in spiritual matters and not interested in an active societal life.

People with long hair which is worn pinned up are thought by Feng Shui body readers to possess very good taste. They are considered to be elegant, but may potentially be arrogant at times.

Individuals who only wear their hair combed back and rarely down, are thought to be secretive about their true feelings, which they do not show often.

Although they may not show how they truly feel, they are considered to hold a noble character as well as have a lot of compassion and understanding for children.

Feng Shui Hairstyle Rules - Styling Products

Men and women who use curlers or other heated styling tools to make their long hair wavy or curly are considered love oriented with a general desire for a comfortable and perfect life.

They are considered lighthearted with a lack of serious minds. However, they are also considered successful in they tend to get what they want, mostly with very little effort.

People who use a lot of styling gel in their hair are considered untidy by some Feng Shui body experts. Although people with lots of styling gel may appear initially to be friendly, it's not considered an easy task to make friends with them. They are usually more successful in their jobs than in their private lives.

Hairstyles combed from a middle part of direction most likely indicate a person who is honest, courageous and realistic. Hair worn from a side part or styled to the side are considered soft and love oriented. Western people who prefer to wear hairstyles from other ethnicities are thought to be constantly looking for new things.

They are also described as people who love to make their own decisions as well as easily mastering a range of difficult situations.


Feng Shui experts believe there is a direct link between hair and the body. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or the theories of the experts behind it, the premise is still fascinating and worth checking out.

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