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How To: Green Hair  

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There are many reasons someone might wish to adopt green hair and be in need of green hair how to tips.

Those reasons could span a desire to celebrate a special event such as St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Halloween or as part of a green themed party or costume.

Green hair can also be selected as a fashion statement or as a way to attract attention and stand out in a crowd.

Katy Perry’s Green Hair

Pop star Katy Perry understands the value of color coordinating her hair to win attention and to grab fashion headlines.

When Katy starred in a past fashion spread for the Guardian one of her poses was in a retro green Carmen Marc Valvo swimsuit. She took the shot over the top by donning a retro green Betty Page style wig.

Of course Katy rocked it and looked sassy with her swamp-green tresses.

Green Hair Options #1 – Wigs

The always gorgeous Katy Perry clearly understands the wear and tear unusual hair colors might cause. As a result of her firsthand knowledge of what it takes to transition from raven black to platinum white, the pop star opts for colored wigs.

Not only are wigs available in every imaginable shade of green, when worn temporarily, they offer no threat to your natural hair.

While it might seem like a snap to reach for some temporary green hair dye and paint or spray streaks into your own hair, in some cases innocent looking green hair dye will instantly turn from temporary to permanent. This is definitely the case if your own hair is a natural blond or dyed light hue.

Green hair dye, even temporary may actually stain the hair and become difficult, if not impossible to remove, even with bleach.

Since wigs are readily available in just about every imaginable shade of green, length and texture, why not save your own hair and pop on a wig. After all, that’s what Katy does and she always looks fabulous.

Of course if you’re going with a high fashion look, select a wig which is of the highest quality and texture to create a more finished look. In the world of wigs it’s always true that you get exactly what you pay for. A cheap wig will look cheap, but if it’s for a costume themed event, it will be fine. If you want to wear a green wig several times, invest in a higher quality item.

#2 – Clip In Extensions

Clip in hair extensions in either 100% human hair or synthetic are also a great option to adopt green hair with minimal damage. Although the clip-in feather craze has died down since they were first introduced, it’s still possible to find some gorgeous temporarily clip-ins with both a feathered and green motif.

If you want a signature fashion hairstyle you might even opt for a handful of fusion extensions in your desired shade of green.

#3 – Green Hair Color – Semi Or Demi-Perm

When your dreams of rocking green hair, either a full or partial head, is for an extended time, you may wish to consider utilizing semi-permanent hair color from Special Effects, or similar hair color brands which specialize in a rainbow of specialty hues like green.

While some people swear by Special Effects, others prefer Maniac Panic or competitive brands like Punky Color or similar. There are a variety of reasons why some people prefer one brand to another.

Ultimately you will may need to experiment with your own hair to determine which color or brand works best for your hair type, texture and current condition.

Bleaching Medium To Dark Hair Before Applying Green Hair Color

Semi-perm colors show up best when applied to hair which is either naturally light or bleached before the color is applied. This is definitely the case with some of the green hues which will not be obvious when applied directly to medium to dark brunette or black hair colors.

When green is applied to red hair the resulting color will be muddy at best. Only hair which is already platinum, light blonde or light brunette will work with the various green hair colors.

Semi-perm colors show up best when applied to hair which is either naturally light or lifted before the color is applied.

#4 – Temporary Color Spray

One of the popular ways to instantly add a pop of green or other fashion hair colors is to reach for a temporary color spray. These temporary color sprays will get the job done.

The temporary sprays tend to work best on hair which is light colored since some colors such as green will fade into darker colored hair such as dark brunette or raven black hues. Depending upon the brand the colors may be light and could run if the hair gets damp or wet. This includes dampness induced by sweating.

Note:  Again, if your hair is damaged or over porous, the temporary color spray may stain your hair and not easily wash out. When in doubt always do a patch test on hair which doesn’t show or pieces of hair you’ve snipped off to use as test strands. For additional advice be sure and discuss your green hair migration plans with your regular hair colorist or stylist.

#5 – Mascara Hair Color

Green hued hair mascara offers a fabulous way to temporarily color your hair to accessorize any occasion or outfit. Change your color and your look at a moment’s notice without committing to a hair color that has to grow out in order to get rid of it.

Depending upon the brand, most colored hair mascaras can be used at home with no risk of damaging or discoloring your hair.

The advantage of most color hair mascara is that they will not usually stain naturally light colored or bleached hair. It is always easy to apply just like regular eye mascara. Since it is in a tube, there is no mixing or intense fumes.

The disadvantage is that they may not show up well, especially if the base hair color is medium or darkly hued. Also, if you have a lot of hair or highly textured, the mascara may instantly fade into the background.

For long, thick or highly textured hair, you may need to use a lot to make any type of noticeable difference.

Summary – Green Hair How To

The best plan for going with green hair is to first decide whether you want green hair for a specialty event or for a longer time frame. The amount of time you wish to have green hair should ultimately determine the type of green hair you adopt.

Wigs or clip-in hair pieces are ultimately the safest, easiest and fastest way to go green. Green wigs and clip-in strands are available in a wide range of prices from very cheap to very expensive.  They are also available in a dizzying array of green hues from light lime green to dark forest.

If you wish to wear your wig for an extended period of time, opt for a high quality product. In the world of wigs you really do get what you pay for.

Finally, if you wish to adopt a more permanent shade of green, do your homework and make sure you select the very best hair color formulation for your current hair color, type, texture and condition.  If you get tired of your newly adopted green hair make sure you can easily return to your original hair color without a permanent green stain.

Images Courtesy Smiffy's, Special Effects, and ColorMe 

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