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Best Beauty Secrets For An Amazing Blowout!
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Have you ever wondered what are the best secrets to an easy and beautiful blowdout? This newsletter has some of the best secrets to an easy blowout shared by those in the know in the hair world.

The best secrets to easy blowdry sessions are listed below:

1.  Avoid crispy scorched hair by positioning your blowdryer at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches away from your tresses.

2.  Never concentrate air flow on just one area of your hair.

3.  To guarantee the least amount of heat damage to your strands use the slowest and coolest setting on the blowdryer. Remember that the cooler the air flow, the least amount of damage to your hair.

4.  To minimize strand damage, soak your blowdrying brush in cool, clean water for up to two hours before blowdrying. Soaking the brush will keep the bristles soft and pliable.

5.  Directing the blowdryer air flow down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends will automatically smooth the cuticle and create instant shine.

6.  Remember that hot air helps create the style while cool air sets and locks in the hairstyle.

7.  Rubber brushes naturally create friction and static. For a smooth, silky look always finish with a wooden brush.

8.  Always prep hair with either a top notch thermal protection product or a leave-in conditioner with specialty heat protection properties.

9.  To create lush volume use your fingertips to lift individual sections of hair at the roots and direct air up the shaft from the ends to the roots to create volume.

10.  Keep hands off curls to prevent frizz and fuzziness.

11.  Use a diffuser for perfect spirals.

12.  Switch to a concentrator or nozzle for straight strands.

13.  The higher your dryer’s wattage the stronger it’s drying power.

14.  To achieve the very best secrets to an easy blowdry always combine the best blowdryer with the best brush.

Best Brushes – Best Secrets To An Easy Blowout

A list of the best brushes which are part of the best secrets to an easy blowdry are listed below:

- A vent brush offers wide set bristles which loosen up strands and offer optimal volume. Great for short to chin length fine, thin hair.

- An oval mixed bristle rubber based brush (boar/synthetic) should not be used with a blowdryer since the rubber will melt. It’s great for final styling on hair already dried. It distributes oils, adds shine and keeps strands silky and smooth.

- A 100% boar bristle round brush is great for straightening medium to thick naturally textured hair.  Bristles grab hair without making hair pin straight or stiff. Requires practice to perfect the styling process.

- Round mixed bristle (boar/synthetic) brush with ceramic barrel or ionic and/or thermal is great for adding lush volume from roots to ends. Doesn’t fry strands. Care must be taken to prevent getting brush tangled in strands. Not ideal for short hair.

- Paddle brushes with 100% boar bristle brushes are ideal for achieving stick straight strands for long or very long hair which is medium to thick.

Remember that smaller brushes create tighter coils while larger brushes create large looser curls.

Best BlowDrying Products – Best Secrets To An Easy Blowout

A list of the best blowdrying products which are part of the best secrets to an easy blowdry are listed below:

1.  A defrisant will help to prevent frizz and will help add sleekness, smoothness and straight strands. Phytodefrisant is considered one of the best defrisant products on the market.

2.  Root volumizing products are available as sprays, mousse, gel and lotions. A noteworthy volume building product which works in conjunction with blowdryers is PhytoVolume Actif which is a light spray.

3.  Heat protection products are available in every type of delivery system from sprays, creams and gels. Heat protection products can be applied alone or as part of a styling cocktail combined with leave-in conditioners or mousses.

4. Styling creams can be utilized to create, refine, sculpt and/or finish texture. Curl creams assist with the formation of ringlets or loose curls.

5. Finishing sprays such as hair sprays and/or shine sprays will provide a great finish.

6. Shine serums like PhytoLisse seal in moisture and block the formation of frizz.


There are many best secrets to an easy blowdry which include utilizing the best features of any blowdryer, working with the proper brushes and taking advantage of any blowdryer styling products.

Once you have developed the proper combination of styling products, brushes and a blowdryer you are well on your way to achieving a great blowout.

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