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Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Hair!

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When it comes to your hair, it’s important to look at the whole picture. Your hair is just one component of your entire body.

Although any hair which has already grown out from the roots is considered dead, the roots which connect the hair to the rest of the body are not. Therefore, having a good relationship with your hair is non negotiable, if you want great tresses. Everything you put into your body will ultimately impact your strands.

If you treat your hair with joy, appreciation and passion, you will be rewarded with gorgeous hair which flourishes.

1.  Listen to your hair. Just as experts tell us to listen to our bodies to understand what it needs in terms of sleep, rest, exercise, and food, the same is true of your tresses. Does it need hydration or fresh water or vitamins? How does your hair feel? Is it lush and healthy or dry and damaged?

2.  Be an independent thinker. Ignore outside opinions about how your should manage, care for and wear your hair. The relationship you have with your hair is yours alone. While it’s important to find a professional hairstylist who respects your personal hair goals, ultimately you are the one who lives with your hair and cares for it.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, wear your hair whatever length, color and style you love best.

3.  Eat for your hair. Studies have shown that those people who eat a healthy intake have healthier hair than those who mainline junk foods. Low-glycemic foods help maintain a balanced sugar and insulin level which provide a better energy source for your body, your scalp, roots and ultimately your hair.

Eating good fats are also a wonderful way to nurture your tresses. Good fats include those you find in avocados and nuts. Avoid foods made with hydrogenated fats or cottonseed oil.

4.  Less is more. While there’s nothing wrong with following traditional hair care and styling methods, find your own balance. If you can’t live without bleach, color or highlights, by all means follow your passion.

Just make sure to take the best care possible for your hair if you journey onto the chemical path.  This might include amping up your conditioning routines. Ultimately, the choice should be yours keeping in mind that you always respect the relationship you have with your tresses.

Summary – A Good Relationship With Your Hair Is Non Negotiable

Whoopi Goldberg says “I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.” Believe anything is possible when developing a relationship with your hair.

Love your hair, treat it with respect and kindness and you will be rewarded in kind.

Image courtesy Paul Mitchell

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