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Beat Holiday Fat Traps!  Bathroom Scale

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No matter how hard many people try, they get sucked in and can’t seem to beat
Holiday fat traps.  With careful planning and thought anyone can emerge from the Holidays without extra pounds.

Listed below are some great tips on how to beat Holiday fat traps:

1. Stick to skinny cocktails for Holiday parties and celebrations

Studies have shown as much as 40-50% of extra Holiday calories come from alcoholic drinks, desserts and related treats.

What can you do? Pick your Holiday celebrations carefully. Only go to parties or Holiday festivities you have a work or personal commitment to attend. The less Holiday activities you attend, the less you risk overeating or overindulging.

When you do attend Holiday parties and related events, stick with the low calorie drinks. Avoid drinks mixed with calorie-laden juice, as well as fancy sugar-laden choices like Margaritas and Pina Coladas.

Good alternatives include spicy BloodyMary concoctions or spritzers. To keep your drinks to a minimum, alternate each alcoholic beverage with water and a slice of fresh lemon or lime.

Or start the evening with a glass of champagne or red and sip it slowly all night long. Both options are low in calories if consumed with care.

2. Take the edge off hunger with almonds

AlmondsAlmonds have a perfect mix of healthy fat and protein, components which keep you feeling fuller, longer. Researchers found that almonds stop sugar fluctuations – the kind that can activate cravings for sweets.

Stash a 100-calorie snack pack of almonds in your bag, car or briefcase so you can always have a nutritious satisfying snack on hand.

3. Trick your brain with soup

Never go to a Holiday festivity on an empty stomach. If you do, you’re only asking to be tempted by a wide range of goodies.

Before indulging in Holiday meals first have a serving of cold gazpacho or a hot broth-based soup. Research suggests that your caloric intake for your whole meal may actually drop by up to 20%.

It’s a well known fact that liquid fills you up so that you’re less likely to overeat. If you go with soup to beat holiday fat traps be sure to sip your soup slowly. The brain takes up to 20 minutes to register fullness.

4. Opt for appetizers

People tend to consume as much as 250 more calories when they eat out at restaurants or parties. The reason? Gigantic portions. If you attend a Holiday dinner shrink your serving size by ordering two small delicious appetizers instead of one over sized entree.

When you attend an open bar or buffet, use the smallest plates possible and fill them to the brim with low calorie raw vegetables, salads, sea foods and low calorie cheese.

Follow the same soup plan by waiting 20 minutes before going back to the table for seconds or thirds.

Whether you’re eating at a Holiday dinner via menu or via buffet, avoid anything fried. Opt for broiled, baked or grilled. Anything sauteed, crispy or creamy will tend to have more calories.

Skip the dessert tables. If you must indulge select the tiniest portions possible. Or reach for fruit. A crisp apple combined with a little bit of soft cheese is a delightful yet low calorie treat.

5. Holiday attire and behaviors Apples

To beat Holiday fat traps wear clothing which doesn’t allow easy room for expansion. This will make you more aware of over-indulging on food and alcoholic beverages.

When tunes are provided and dancing is part of the entertainment be sure to partake to burn off any of those little nibbles you might decide to cheat on.

Stay hydrated

A trick supermodels use to battle bloat, stay full and avoid temptation is to sip on water with a fresh slice of lemon or lime all day long. By staying hydrated the body feels satiated and more able to resist high caloric foods or drinks.

On days when you’ll be attending festivities be sure to keep your water bottle full and handy.


With a little bit of planning and thought you can easily beat Holiday fat traps. There’s not reason you have to worry about those unwanted Holiday pounds which take months to get rid of.

Follow the tips above for some helpful methods to hold the line of unwanted Holiday weight.

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