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How To Select Rainbow Hair Colors!  Rainbow Hair Color - Blonde With Hot Pink

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X Factor judge star Britney Spears recently appeared in two episodes with a pop of  light sea foam green strands highlighting her trademark blonding base. The episodes were filmed at Britney’s spectacular Malibu estate with six finalists.

Many X Factor fans and viewers wondered about Brit’s hair color and wondered how to select rainbow hair colors for their own tresses.

The dramatic teal hair highlights were not the first time the pop star showcased multicolored tresses. Britney appeared at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 21st sporting an array of rich teal and blue strands tipped with hot pinks.

Like fellow X Factor judge, Demi Lovato, Britney has embraced the sizzling hot rainbow hair movement. Other celebrities embracing the rainbow hair color trend include Ashley Tisdale, Willow Smith and Lauren Conrad, to name a few.

The rainbow hair color movement is hear to stay – at least for awhile.

Clip In Extension Hair – How To Select Rainbow Hair Colors

Rainbow colors, whether dark jewel tones or light pastel hues can play up hair’s best qualities and minimize flaws.

Even better, the fun rainbow colors can be instantly attached with fusion or clip-in colored hair extensions. Many different hair extension systems offer hair in a wide range of colors from light to dark, jewel toned to pastel.

The trendy strands can be applied in a wide range of styles. Opt for one color integrated throughout the hair or select a mix of colors to create a more dramatic statement.

Tips – How To Select Rainbow Hair Colors

Whether already dyed or custom colored, a dizzying array of rainbow hair color hues are available.  When selecting rainbow hair colors for your own tresses consider the following tips:

1.  Jewel toned colors like ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz can create daring and dramatic hair color results.

2.  When deep rich hair colors are added to some base tones, it may make the base look drab, dull or washed out. Select accent hues thoughtfully.

3.  Vibrant hues work exceptionally well when set against stark white blonde or raven black to create an electrifying effect.

4.  Rich electric hues work well when matched with equally vibrant tones. Try a rich emerald and ruby combination on a platinum or raven black base.

Emerald, Peacock Blue & Topaz

5.  Emerald looks amazing set against rich chocolate brown and luscious white chocolate.  The rich green hue looks friendly during the daylight, but is mysterious at night.

6.  Peacock blue looks smashing against stark white platinum blonde hues. The color provides a hint of mid-century nostalgia.  Don Draper’s sofa on Mad Men might be this gorgeous color.

7.  Topaz is a very cool hue which looks amazing when combined with black and white base hair colors.

Ruby, Teal, Amethyst & Amber

8  Concentrated shades like ruby and teal create a rich warm cast.  Make sure selected colors work in harmony with skin and eye tones to avoid leaving the complexion washed out.

9.  When rich jeweled hues are added to beige, ash or eggshell blonding they will create a softer and more luxurious look.

10.  Amethyst and amber look sophisticated and elegant when paired with or golden or oatmeal hued blondes as well as medium to dark brunettes.

Dark Jewel Tones Versus Soft Pastel Colors

11.  Dark jewel tones such as rich purples, merlot or deep cherry reds are fantastic when paired with dark brunette base colors.

12.  Deep rich jeweled hair colors which are saturated and intense don’t play as well with soft pastels.  The drama of the deep rich tones may clash with the pastels.

Stick with either rich colors or pastels.  If you must add both rich and pastel tones at the same time, avoid placing them in directly adjacent locations.

13. Less is always more. Start with one or two colors which complement your base hair color and work well together.  Avoid the temptation to overindulge in too many colors which can create a brightly lit nightclub effect.

14.  Always stick to solids and avoid any optional patterns. Avoid the temptation to combine rainbow colored hair highlights with other hair accessories, hair feathers or bling.  If you do opt for hair accessories, select hair clips, headbands or similar in the same color as your colored accent strands.

15.  Rich hair colors have more impact when base hair has a high shine or glossy finish.  The combination of shiny hair and accent colors creates a rich textural feel.  The sheen of your hair can dramatically impacts the ultimate color.

Summary – How To Select Rainbow Hair Colors

Rainbow hair colored  accents are like a shot of B-12 for any hairstyle. They create a wide range of hairstyle results ranging from playful and fun to drama or sophistication.

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