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Big Romantic, Low Slung Buns + How To! Big Romantic Low Slung Hair Bun

A big romantic low slung hair bun is an incredibly easy updo hairstyle for medium to long hair which requires very little time when you utilize the proper styling tools and products.

The big romantic low slung hair bun is popular with brides, prom goers and celebrities on the Red Carpet. It also works great for Homecoming parties or similar types of dressy hair events.

Reasons For Popularity of Big Romantic Low Slung Bun

The reason the big romantic low slung hair bun is a go-to updo style is because it’s effortlessly chic and works equally well for daytime or evening hair wear.

Because it nestles lower on the head between the crown and the nape of the neck, it doesn’t detract from desired hair accessories.

This hairstyle, which is also known as a loose chignon, works perfectly with tiaras, low placed bridal veils, hair flowers or crystal encrusted headbands or hair clips.

If your hair isn’t long enough to comfortably form a chignon you can easily go with clip-in or fusion style hair extensions to amp up your length and hair volume.

The big romantic low slung hair bun updo can be adjusted to work with just about any hair type, texture or length. Even better, the total styling time for the big romantic low slung hair bun updo is 15-20 minutes when created on air-dried or blowdried tresses.

Styling Tools – Big Romantic Low Slung Bun

To create a picture perfect big romantic low slung hair bun you will need the following hair styling tools:

- 1″ or 1 1/2″ curling iron (optionally you can use hot rollers if you prefer)

- Mixed bristle paddle or flat styling brush

- Hairspray

Shine serum or spray (optionally you can use a styling cream if you prefer)

- Traditional bobby pins in the same color as your hair

Bungee cord hooked elastic or similar (Blax if you prefer)

Optional Tools
Clip in or fusion style hair extensions (including taped hair extensions)

- Tiara, crystal encrusted headband, barrette, jeweled clips or similar hair accessories

Step One

Start with clean dry hair which has either been blowdried or air dried to encourage soft waves. If your natural texture is curly or very wavy you may wish to blowdry with a long finger diffuser to create soft waves.

If your hair is naturally straight the curly iron will help to create the necessary waves for the finished big romantic low slung bun.

Step Two

Separate clean dry hair into approximately 2″ sections. Enhance the texture by starting with 1-2 drops of shine serum or spray applied to the palms of your hands and raked through the strands avoiding the roots.

Distribute shine serum completely from the middle of the hair shaft down to the ends to avoid creating an oily residue. Remember just a little bit of shine serum or spray goes a long way.

Note:  If you hair is naturally fine or thin you may wish to skip the shine serum and opt for a light hairspray to help build some additional texture.

Using the 1″ or 1 1/2″ curling iron, work around the head from side to side to add loose soft waves from the roots down to the ends. Alternate how you wrap each strand around the iron to create a loose natural looking wavy texture. Since the front of the hair is a focal point when wearing hair in a big romantic low slung hair bun, be sure to focus attention on the hair around the hairline, the sides and the top.

This hairstyle can be worn with any desired fringe from side-swept to a full forehead blunt style bang. The style can also work with no fringe and any desired part from side or low side to center.

Once hair is completely curled if you wish to add clip-in hair you can do so at this point before the next step to wrapping your big romantic low slung hair bun.

Step Three

Create a pony by using hands to pull hair loosely up and away from your jawline. By pulling your hair up at an angle to your jawline you create the most hair flattering angle.

After you’ve pulled your hair back, secure it with a hooked Bungee style band or similar.  If you prefer a tighter anchor, use a Blax or similar non-hooked band.

As soon as the hair has been secured between the crown and the nape of the neck, use styling brush or fingers to gently brush through the ends of the new pony. This adds a bit of natural volume to the pony. Fluff it lightly with your fingers. Lift the ponytail at the ends pulling it up and over the base of the pony.

Once the chignon is created by pulling the pony up and over the elastic, add the bobby pin to anchor. Position the bobby pin so they are applied up into the hair and forward against the scalp.  Then slightly push them back. This provides the best hold.

Step Four

Use your fingers to gently shape the bun to the desired profile. When you’ve created the big romantic low slung hair bun you love, spray with a little hairspray to hold in place.

Step Five

Add any desired hair accessories such as a tiara, tiara comb, crystal encrusted headband or similar.


Don’t worry if your big romantic low slung hair bun slips a little bit during wear. The key to this bun is loose and sexy texture.

If a few strands pop out you have the option to leave them to enhance your look or tuck them back into the chignon bun with a few bobby pins.

Image courtesy HAAP Media

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