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Hair and Beauty Bliss Fights CancerSothys Helps Recapture Relaxation Time During Summer Months

Woman’s World Magazine reported that a new study shows that women who do things that make them feel upbeat have a lower risk of cancers, heart diseases and other health woes.

What’s the link? Happy women have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol which means less inflammatory proteins, both thought to play a role in serious health conditions.

Bottom line? Find your own hair and beauty bliss or do things that make you feel happy to reduce the risk of cancers and other health woes.

Some suggested things to make you happy? Consider some of the options below:

1.  Treat yourself to a scalp massage with scented hot oils. A relaxed scalp provides a feeling of bliss and will instantly reduce tension. Even better, trade off with your loved one so that you both feel relaxed together.

2.  Indulge in a professional salon shampoo and blowout. Studies have shown people feel less stress when they feel their hair looks great. If budget is a concern, opt for a inexpensive treatment at the local cosmo college or look for discount deals.

3.  Check into local massage schools and volunteer to be a teaching subject so that you can enjoy the benefits of massage at a reduced cost over regular spas.

4.  Trade off a mani-pedi with a best friend. You can enjoy each other’s company at the same time as getting nail treats.

5.  Set up a special phone date with one of your favorite people that you have a hard time connecting with.

6.  Take a relaxing bubble bath. Listen to soothing tunes and light aromatherapy infused candles.

7.  Schedule a special weekend date with your sweetie. Leave your cell and notebook locked up.

8.  Sneak off for a budget flick matinee. Nothing helps reduce stress than laughter and entertainment.

9.  Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Stop and smell the flowers (if you live in a warm climate) or build a snowperson (if you live in a cold climate).

Whether any of the suggestions above appeal to you or not, the key is to find affordable treats that make you feel relaxed, special and blissed out.

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