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4 Options For A Great Smokey EyeBeautiful Sculpted Braided Prom Or Bridal Hairstyle For Long Hair

The smokey eye is more popular then ever on all ages.  So how do you achieve it? There are many opinions from expert make-up artists but a key tool for creating smoke is eyeliner. By far, eyeliner is the one make-up tool which delivers the biggest pack for its punch.

Listed below are the eye liner tool choices:

1.  Pencil – The old standby. The advantage to a great eyeliner pencil is that it is a great blending tool. It is also versatile and can be used on the eyebrows as well. Some eye liner pencils come equipped with two colors, one on each end. Eye liner pencils have evolved over the years, although the basic concept of the pencil has remained constant.

2.  Powder – One of the best smokey eyes I ever created on myself was created with a dark charcoal eye shadow powder coupled with a liner brush.

The trick to using powder instead of a pencil or a more precise tool is to use a good brush, apply the powder to a dry lid and be willing to explore. I received so many compliments on that powder line.

3.  Liquid - The liquid liners have to be handled with care because a heavy hand combined with a liquid liner could be over the top. An advantage to liquid liner is that it can create a spectacular classic cat eye and definitely amps up the eye drama. To soften the impact, consider using a charcoal or gray instead of a traditional black.

4.  Cream Liner – The advantages of cream liners is that they combine the softness of a powder with the precision of a liquid. In some ways the cream liner is easier to blend than all the other liners.

You can also take your favortie shadow and use a good brush with a little water to blend the shadow as a liner. 

Don't forget to really take your look to the next level by extending the length of your lashes. If you are feeling really adventurous feel free to experiment with different styles, shapes, and colors.  

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