The Many Benefits of Chocolate!
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Betty Crocker must have been on to something when she spouted "Above all... think chocolate!"

We've heard it has antioxidants, we've heard people say it can make you happy, but can chocolate actually do anything beneficial for our hair and skin? Or will it just leave us smelling like we've been rolling around in a melted Hershey bar?

Actually - chocolate and its amazing properties can do wonders for your hair regardless of your strand's texture or current color. And surprisingly enough - body treatments featuring the all powerful cocoa can yield fabulous results as well!

Designer products such as Karin Herzog's Chocolate Beauty Cream, Cleansing Cream, and Comfort Cream feature antioxidants and other elements that give that oh-so desired healthy-skin glow.

Even Karen Marie Shelton, an industry expert, touts the amazing results of Herzog's chocolate line.

While Back To Nature's Chocolate Chip Mint Conditioner and Silk Serum along with One Minute Manicure's Chocolate Silk gives us the neurological positivity we've come to love about cocoa's infamous aroma.

And last, but perhaps most delicious, this Chocolate Conditioning Hair Mask recipe combines all the beautifying benefits of chocolate and an aroma that is sure to make you smile.

Whether it's your skin, your nails, or your hair... chocolate seems to be the answer of the hour!

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