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Inside The Hair

Inside The Hair

Hair, which is known as the pilu or a slender thread link outgrowth on the body is a fascinating topic.

InsideTheHair_250h Inside The Hair

What is contained inside the hair?

Hair Follicle

The hair follicle is the depression mark in the skin which contains the root of hair.

This hair follicle consists of the following primary components:

1.  hair bulb

2.  inner root sheath

3.  hair shaft

Hair Bulb

The lower extremity of the hair is known as the hair bulb which is onion-shaped.

This bulb shaped component contains a cavity in which the dermal papilla is embedded.

Hair papilla is defined as a small cone-shaped elevation at the bottom of the hair follicle.

Hair Bulb Components

The bulb contains the following items:

HairBulb_250h1.  hair matrix

2.  germ layer which forms the inner root sheath

3.  hair shaft made up of the medulla, cortex and cuticle layers

It should be noted that not all people have the three separate layers.  Hair which is fine or thin may only contain two of the three hair shaft layers.

The hair bulb obtains all if its essential nutrients via the body's blood vessels.

Outer Root Sheath

The outer root sheath completely surrounds the hair follicle.  Combined with the inner sheath,  it secures the hair shaft within the follicle.

The sebaceous gland is situated in the upper follicle.  Also situated in the upper part of the follicle is the erector muscle of the hair.

More About Inside The Hair

Inside the hair is  fascinating matrix. 

Hair is locked inside the hair follicle which prevents it from being easily pulled out.

The Hair Matrix Cells

The matrix cells of the hair root are nourished via the blood stream. The most important micro-nutrients, essential for the growth of normal hair, are vitamins of the B group, proteins and amino acids.

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