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Howard Stern Says Feelings Will Be Hurt

Howard Stern

Howard Stern Says Feelings Will Be Hurt

It's official.  Howard Stern will be joining the judge's table on the NBC hit show America's Got Talent.

The NBC Today Show asked the question whether Stern will tone down his trademark over-the-top behavior or not?

How is he going to treat the show's younger (and more sensitive contestants?).  Matt Lauer said "I think America's going to be surprised at the range of Howard Stern.  I really do.

Many believe that the Shock Jock of radio is going to bring some brutal honesty to the judges table and turn up the heat on the contestants.   He takes the place of Piers Morgan who left at the end of last season.

Stern said "you might think I'm out of my mind.  You might think I'm crazy but I take judging very seriously."  He will be joining existing judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

Americas Got Talent

Stern told his longtime sidekick Robin "I'm going to be Piers on steroids, trust me."   Stern told listeners "don't call me an #@#@&  because I'm going tell your kid he has no talent.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but feelings are going to be hurt."

Stern called into Pier's show on CNN on Thursday night and said "whatever you think of me, I'm honest and I will give you an honest opinion.  Really, my goal, is to find real talent."

He continued "and believe me, my opinion is the one that matters on that show."

While it's true that some of the crazy acts on the show are oddly appealing like Howard Stern, the goal behind adding him to the judge's table is to bring an edge and create a buzz.  Much like American Idol did by bringing in the unpredictable wild man Steven Tyler.

Many critics say that Stern is a very bad choice for America's family audience.  Yes, America's Got Talent is like an ongoing crazed circus with a wide range of acts, but Howard's trademarks - shock, profanity, obscenity, decency - could kill what is a family based show.

The show which is currently filmed in Los Angeles is moving to New York to accommodate Howard's radio gig.  That speaks volumes about NBC's feelings about adding Howard as the third judge.  The show starts taping in February.

Will Howard help or hurt the beloved talent show?
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