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Why Rihanna Ditched Her Red Hair

Rihanna As Brunette

Why Rihanna Ditched Her Red Hair

In a recently published interview with Vogue Magazine Rihanna discussed a myriad of personal topics from her favorite fashion designers and how she felt about her body to her trademark red hair.

Even though her red hair was part of her Vogue interview the 23-year pop star is no longer red.   In fact, she ditched her famous red hair a few months ago.

Rihanna was photographed Saturday (10/8/11) performing in her O2 in London with medium length chocolate brown hair infused with lots of soft waves and curls brushed off to one side in a sexy sweep.

The singer's trademark red tresses were still no where in sight.  Will they ever return?  I guess that all depends on Rihanna's mood.

When asked by Vogue why Rihanna initially decided on fire-engine-red hues for her hair she explained "my mood had changed and I was ready for something new, something loud and something expressive and fun."

Rihanna As Red Hair

Rihanna told Vogue "I had blonde and that was so boring.  And before that, it was black.  Black is still my favorite color, but I wanted something edgy."

Even though Rihanna sent shock waves throughout her fan base when she first appeared with her vibrant red she confessed "I've never done anything for shock value or to see what people say.  I just wear my hair however I feel like wearing it.  I just get bored really quickly!"

Even though she said "I like being a redhead" and "it's exciting, actually" she obviously has moved on.

If fans are hoping for Rihanna to go back to her trademark red hair anytime soon they may have a very long wait.  In fact, it's more likely she's go with a vibrant blue, purple or pink before she goes back to her red any time soon.

Rihanna understands the value of shocking her audiences, fans and the media.  Whether she shocks with her latest hair color, hair style changes or her fashions, there's little doubt she will continue to be in the spotlight for a long time to come.
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