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Gary Busey And Preacher Ted Haggard Swapping Wives For ABC

Gary Busey And Preacher Ted Haggard Swapping Wives For ABC

 Gary Busey on NBC Celebrity ApprenticeReality TV star Gary Busey and controversial preacher Ted Haggard are two of the first celebrities to step up to switch wives in ABC's celebrity Wife Swap.

It's hard to decide who's more controversial, Gary Busey or Ted Haggard.  They're both known for a variety of events which have shocked fans and the media.

The preacher has faced gay sex allegations while Busey was literally a mad man on the 2011 version of The Celebrity Apprentice.    After being fired from The Celebrity Apprentice Busey appeared on a variety of talk shows where he proclaimed that he was using crazy behavior to get him further ahead in the Apprentice game.

In true Wife Swap fashion Busey's wife will move into the Haggards' den while Gayle Haggard will move in with Gary Busey.

According to the rules of the show, each wife will try to fix anything that's broken and impart their own brand of celebrity wisdom.  It's hard to know which household will have the most shocking mysteries that will be revealed. 

Gary Busey with Meatloaf on Celebrity ApprenticeThe non-celebrity version of Wife Swap can get pretty darn bizarre.  I can only imagine how crazy a Haggard/Busy mash-up will be.  It certainly will be fascinating, if not wildly entertaining.

The casting team for the Celebrity Wife Swap certainly did a great job of casting some known crazy celebs for the first episode.  If nothing else, the ratings will probably be through the roof, TV comics will have lots of new material and people who never watched Wife Swap before may actually be enticed to tune in.

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