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Ben Affleck Struggling With Graying Hair

A buzzed Matt Damon was recently a guest on NBC's Today Show where he discussed his latest movie Contagion.  The movie is generating a lot of major buzz.  And speaking of buzz, Matt explained that his buzzed scalp was the result of his new Liberace role which will be out next year.   Matt will play the famous singer/pianist’s partner, Scott Thorson.

While Matt is going with a striped down hair style for his craft, his buddy Ben Affleck is going salt and pepper for an acting role.   According to the UK's Daily Mail Ben, who is 39, is shooting Argo, which requires him to go gray gracefully on screen.

According to The Daily Mail, Affleck is looking for salt and pepper advice from iconic silver fox George Clooney who just happens to be the producer on the film.  Affleck is also directing the film as well as acting.

It's always difficult for a man who has a full head of dark hair to start going grey, but not Clooney who started to go gray at the age of 33.

But Clooney, who is 50, told the media about his own aging process 'It’s an interesting thing to be able to watch yourself grow older on screen. I was watching ‘Up in the Air’ and I thought, "Jesus, who’s the old, grey-haired guy?" And it was me.  Clooney also says he never wears make-up for movies and "it's starting to show!"

Argo tells the story of a life-or-death operation to rescue six Americans from the U.S. embassy in Tehran and require a sophisticated salt and pepper look of gradual graying.  Will Affleck be able to pull it off?  No doubt.

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