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Vajacials Are Below The Belt Facials

Vajacials Are Below The Belt Facials

The Stript Wax Bars (locations in SF, Palo Alto, Oakland, and now LA!) help anyone bare it all with confidence!  It's a unique grooming and pampering treatment.

What's a Vajacial?  It's a type of Brazilian wax.  If you love Brazilian waxes, this treatment is a must to keep you looking – and feeling – great, down there!

This four-step below the belt “facial” tidies up any ingrown hairs and calms irritation and discoloration for some serious pampering and fast relief.

Treatment includes an antibacterial wash, extraction of ingrown hairs and mask of your choice (calming, anti-acne or anti-freckle).

Spa owner Katherine Goldman is an expert at this or any other type of hair removal or grooming.  Stript is the ONLY salon in the all of California offering this treatment.

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