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Get Glam In Any Light From Candlelight To A Nightclub

Get Glam In Any Light From Candlelight To A Nightclub

Even the very best make-up application can look bad in the wrong light.  If you plan your make-up around the location you'll be showcasing it in, then you can look glam in any light from candlelight to nightclubs.

When possible try on any new make-up you might like to buy in a room with various lights.  Remember that natural light doesn't lie.

Minimizing Impact Of Lights

When lights hit you from above, they create shadows on your face, particularly under the eyes.  Whether you're inside or outdoors, try to stand behind the sun or away from overhead lights.  Whenever you can tilt your chin up slightly to minimize any casts.

In Candlelight

Candles even out skin and soften features.  Play up that luminous glow by mixing a dollop of pearly lotion with a sheer foundation.  Skip bronzers, which can look muddy.  in candlelight.

Consider an eye shadow in the eggplant shade family or similar, to pick up the flicks of the candle.  Finish lips with a great gloss which also will look great in candlelight.


Fluorescent light which is found in most indoor spaces has a greenish cast, which turns skin sallow. No matter what your skin tone is, use a foundation with warm, gold tones, and sweep a rose or apricot blush on your  cheeks.

Fluorescent lights can also make earth tones look dirty.  To overcome a dirty look swap taupe shadows and beige lip glosses for softer shades such as peach which can cancel out green and flatter all types of skin.


Everything is magnified in natural light.  So apply a sheer foundation near a window.  Blush can easily look overdone so go light with the brush.  Use a cream or gel formula which blends into skin more naturally than dramatic powders.

At A Nightclub

Wear a matte base because dancing under hot strobe lights will cause your skin to glisten.  Dust eyes with metallic shadow and dress lips in stand-out crimsons.  Brush a highlighter on cheekbones, under brows, and down the nose to make your complexion glow in the dark in all the right ways.

With a little planning, you'll look glam in any light.

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