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How To Remove Overspray Of Hair Products Off The Walls

How To Remove Overspray Of Hair Products Off The Walls

If you find it impossible to keep the over spray from hair products off the walls of your bathroom or dressing room AskHeloise has the solution.

In the June 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine the longtime advice columnist suggested using isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.  Heloise suggest pouring a bit of either liquid onto a microfiber cloth to dampen (not soak), and rub it in a circle (first one way and then reverse).

Heloise does warn that if you use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and notice that the paint is starting to transfer from the wall to the cloth that repainting will be necessary at that point.

If paint doesn't rub off then you can keep working around the wall in the stained areas.  Be sure to let the alcohol dry completely.

The best plan for removing the over spray of hair products such as hair sprays, setting or styling lotions or similar from walls is to prevent the stains before they happen.  Heloise recommends stepping into the shower or bathtub to spray. 

Another option is to only spray in rooms with tile walls so that you can immediately wipe off any over spray.

Other options?  Hang old towels or sheets on the wall in the area where you will be spraying to catch the over spray rather than on the walls.  Some people may also hang butcher style paper or even mirrors.  If none of these are viable options consider hanging mirrors or tiles in the area where the over spray is a challenge since mirrors and tiles can be easily wiped clean.

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