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Snooki Struggles With A Case Of Bad Hair Extensions In Italy

Britain's Daily Mail Reporter called out 23-year-old Jersey Shore star Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) for appearing with badly tangled, matted and slightly mangled Leopard Print hair extensions on a shopping trip to Florence, Italy.

The Daily Mail noted when Snooki originally had her extensions put into her hair last month she proudly tweeted photos of her new extended hairstyle.

Snooki tweeted 'My new hair! Leopard Print Extensions underneath ! #LOVE.'  Also...'Getting my hair done and OMG I'm loving it already!!' She then let the Twitterverse know it was all fun and games by tweeting 'Ouch! Never got extensions before..this s*** hurts!'

While Snooki loved her extensions when they were originally installed, obviously they didn't last.  The Mail pointed out "Snooki's hair extensions didn't exactly look like they had lasted the distance."  They reported "Her dark tresses were swept up in an untidy ponytail, showing a big white patch of dry looking hair underneath, with a few blue streaks.  In fact the style did not remotely resemble the leopardskin pattern which she sported in the hood of her black jacket."

It appears that Snooki's scruffy tangled tresses need to be fixed up to put her best self forward.  As the Daily Mail said "It will take more than a big hat to turn Jersey Shore's Snooki into a class act."

Snookie and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast are currently filming the fourth series of the hit MTV in Florence.  Unfortunately none of the cast are winning high marks for fitting in with the chic residents.

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