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Blonde Ex-Wife Of Eddie Cibrian Joins Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The blonde, beautiful and chatty ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian has recently been spotted shooting scenes for the second season of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills according to

Of course Brandi Glanville is a perfect addition to the controversial and popular reality series.  Why?  She was publicly dumped by TV star Eddie Cibrian for LeAnn Rimes and has that Beverly Hills blonde thing going on.

Glanville who was engaged in some Twitter wars with Rimes, whom Cibrian just married, will bring tons of drama, celebrity juice and heat.

Insiders reports that Camille Grammer is a pussycat compared to Glanville who reportedly did joint counseling with Rimes to iron out their cat fights in private.  Since the rumored counseling both blondes have been quiet on Twitter.

Rumors have also been spreading that Cibrian and Rimes were shopping a reality TV venue for newlyweds.

Glanville told the media she doubted Rimes would agree to a reality TV show since in the past the country singer reported tweeted that anyone who does a reality show is a fame whore.

Since Cibrian admitted to cheating on her with the also-married Rimes, Glanville has made her feelings very public.  Just imagine what she would say while doing a Housewives series? Meanwhile hopefully like the other Housewives Glanville will share her hair, beauty, fashion and slim figure secrets.

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