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Tired Feet Helpers

After pushing my poor feet to the limit at the recent Cosmoprof 2009 show I tried a variety of foot helpers to keep my tootsies ready to pound the pavement for yet another day.

(Image by Spanishale - All Rights Reserved).

In retrospect I think staying at the Four Seasons was a mistake. Granted the Four Seasons is part of Mandalay Bay and "connected" in principle to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center where Cosmoprof 2009 was located but it is a long walk. And I do mean long.

My favorite foot refresher recipe is listed below:

1. Soothe tired and achy overwalked feet by soaking in lukewarm water (not too hot or too cool) with 1-2 drops (no more) of real (not essential) peppermint oil mixed into the water.

Note: In an emergency if peppermint oil is not available you can substitute 2 cups of pre-brewed and cooled peppermint tea. Another option to consider is:[amazon-product text="Masada Foot Bath - Peppermint" type="text"]B000EHWHN2[/amazon-product]

2. Allow feet to soak up to 30 minutes in peppermint foot bath.

3. Rinse feet with cool water and massage in an invigorating foot lotion. If you like you can add 1-2 drops of real peppermint oil to your favorite lotion or a carrier oil (jojoba is great) and apply to your feet. The mixture will give you instant energy to your feet and the lotion will soften and beautify.

4. Lie down and relax with your legs and feet propped up on a few pillows so blood can circulate back up into the legs. This will counteract the stress of walking on your feet.

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