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Lipstick and Teeth Whitener IN ONE!

Lipstick and Teeth Whitener IN ONE!Just when I thought the only thing cool coming out of Austraila was Nicole Kidman, I was dumbfounded - pleasantly so - by Model Co's newest beauty invention: StarSmile - Lipstick and Teeth Whitener.

Don't be fooled by the image, it's one tube with two ends of smiling bliss. At one end resides the lipstick, in your choice of 5 chic colors, featuring Lipodermol LS 8656.

This lipo-vitamin complex packs a strong punch against both summer moisture loss and winter dryness. Its bio-filmogen properties create a barrier between your sweetly moisturized lips and the outer elements - keeping your smile smooth, soft, and oh so kissable when the rest of the world is suffering from lips as supple as dried out sandpaper on a hot summer day.

Rotate 180 degrees and you'll find Peroxydone 12% - a truly excellent teeth whitner. Cosmetic dentists usually issue 10%, 20% if you demand your smile look as bright as your local newscaster's. But if your not behind a film camera, then 20% leaves you looking like you've got chiclets for teeth - and I have the pictures of myself to prove it! So 12% will do wonders for the average person and the best part: unlike previous whitening compounds Peroxydone is stable at room temperatures. For all of us obsessive compulsive whitening freaks - including myself - we can finally stop refridgerating the goods. And trust me, having to explain to your friends why you have to bring a cooler or a custom made sub-zero suitcase on your vacation starts to get old.

With the best of both worlds - a moisturizing lipstick that actually works and a whitening system proven to get results - ModelCo is starting to step out of the shadows of larger cosmetic companies and into the spotlight as a corporate genius!

Get your hands on your own StarSmile here :

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